Definite and Indefinite Numeral Adjectives

Definite Numeral Adjectives

Definite Numeral Adjectives give us an exact number in cardinal form that is one, three, ten and in ordinal form that is first, second.

We can question ‘how many?’ to noun and get definite numeral adjectives in cardinal form.

Here are some examples of definite numeral adjectives in cardinal form-

  • There are three books on the table.
  • There is only one solution for this problem.
  • He shared his experience with four persons.
  • Sameera ate two bananas.
  • Ten chairs are kept in a row.
  • I purchased three shirts for my son.
  • Students solved twenty examples of the exercise taught by their teacher.
  • Teacher asked us to bring six notebooks on tomorrow.

These definite adjectives also express an exact number in ordinal form that is first, second, fourth.

We can get ordinal numbers by questioning ‘in what order?’to Noun.

 Examples of definite numeral adjectives in ordinal form-

  • Always take second opinion.
  • He stood fourth in his class.
  • Kiran Bedi was the first lady IPS in India.
  • The fifth lady in a row is staring at me.
  • Today is their seventh marriage anniversary.
  • Children day is celebrated on fourteenth November.
  • There is bank holiday on twentieth October.

Indefinite Numeral Adjectives

Indefinite Numeral Adjectives do not express an exact number.

These numeral indefinite adjectives can also be used as adjectives of quantity.

Examples of indefinite numeral adjectives

  • Certain flowers are beautiful.
  • Some students are clever.
  • All persons must live.
  • Are there any fruits in refrigerator?
  • There are no definitions in this chapter.
  • She picked some eggs.
  • There were no students in the class.
  • There are few workers in the office.
  • Most of the students participated in outdoor games.
  • Several people were waiting for train.
  • I have bought some mangoes.
  • There are some birds on the tree.


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