Common Noun

 What is Common Noun?

Common noun is a name of person, thing or place that is common nouns are common names of person, thing or place. 

Examples of Common Noun

Read some examples-

By reading these examples you will get better what the common nouns are.

Common nouns in the sentences are in bold letters.

  • That school is for girls.
  • Dog is a pet animal.
  • Keep the ladle in sink.
  • The pen is on the table.
  • Ask waiter for finger bowl.

In above sentences the words ‘school’, ‘girls’, ‘dog’, ‘animal’, ‘ladle’, ‘sink’, ‘pen’, ‘table’, ‘waiter’, ‘finger bowl’ are in common as any school, any girl, dog or any animal. Such words which refer to any common name are called as Common Nouns.

More Examples of Common Nouns

Here are some examples. Common nouns are in bold letters.

  • Please call the police.
  • I have an appointment with doctor.
  • Bus driver is standing at the bus stop.
  • The waiter works promptly during his working period.
  • I heard that your cousin is joining the multinational company.
  • The teachers of St Joseph school are very hard working.


Beginning letter of the common nouns are not written in capital but when common nouns are used as starting word of a sentence then the starting letter of the used common noun  is written in capital. Sometimes Proper nouns are used as Common Nouns.


Common nouns are differentiated into two parts. You will get more information about those in the articles itself.

  • Collective noun
  • Abstract noun

Go over-

  • Proper Noun 
  • Abstract Noun – We can not see or touch the abstract nouns like happiness, sadness.
  • Concrete Noun –  We can see or touch the concrete nouns like table, chair.
  • Collective Noun  – We can use collective nouns to tell about the groups like herd for group of cattle, crowd for group of people.

 So, the common name is a common noun.