Verb- a Part of Speech

verb is an important part of speech.

We can’t get proper meaning of the sentences without verbs.

Verbs are words which tells something about  persons, places or  things.

Verb is an action word.

It describes-

  • An action
  • State of being
  • Occurrence

Verb- how it works

We shall take some sentences to see how verb works in the sentence.

  • The boy wrote an essay.
  • She is very beautiful.

If we write the above sentences as-

  • The boy an essay.
  • She very beautiful.

These sentences don’t make complete sense but in above sentences, we get complete sense of the sentences because of the words ‘wrote’ and ‘is’

We can also call these words as ‘action words’.


We use verb to explain about-

  • How a person or thing is
  • What a person or thing does
  • What is done to a person or thing

How a person or thing is; as,

  • The route is long.
  • The dog is alive.
  • She felt sorry.
  • I am a student.
  • We are college faculties.

 What a person or thing does; as,

  • Baby cries loudly.
  • Children play in the ground.
  • Dog ran after the cat.
  • Cleaner cleans all the four rooms and balcony daily.

What is done to person or thing; as,

  • Rani is mocked by her friends.
  • Table is broken.
  • A large tree of hundred years old was cut to broaden the road.
  • Four wheeler vehicle is parked in no parking area.

Use of more than one word

Always, there is use of more than one word as a verb in sentence; as,

  • The boys were playing in the ground.
  • We are singing a national song at the starting of an event.
  • On that day, Sarita was driving a car.
  • She has learnt that lesson.
  • Charu had watched that movie.
  • I am cooking.
  • The wall has built.
  • Students have been studying.
  • Judge has accused criminals.


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