There are so many writings in the world which are valued as an art like fiction, drama,


Let us see some types of literature.

Anonymous – Letter, poem etc. whose author is unknown.

Autobiography – Story of a person’s life written by him.

Allegory – Story, painting or description in which the characters and events are meant                  as symbols of purity, truth, patience.

Anthology – Collection of poems or pieces of prose on the same subject or by the                               same writer.

Alliteration – Commencement of words with the same letter.

Ballad – A story in verse or poem in short stanzas narrating popularly.

Biography – Story of person’s life written by somebody else.

Burlesque – Piece of writing that mocks somebody or something by comic or  

                     exaggerated  imitation, parody.

Counterfeit – Imitated handwriting in order to deceive.

DramaPlay for the theatre, radio, T.V. etc.

Directory – A book containing summarized information on all branches of knowledge.


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