What is Demonstrative Pronoun?

Demonstrative Pronoun

Demonstrative Pronoun is a pronoun that is used to denote the referring objects showing clearly. These pronouns are used to tell about person, place, or things but specifically. They can be either singular or plural. The word we use to replace the name of a specific person, place, or thing is a demonstrative pronoun.

Examples of Demonstrative Pronoun 

Here are some examples of demonstrative pronouns. We have an explanation of the demonstrative pronoun used in the sentences.

Have a look-

  • Score more, that’s an intelligent student.

Here, ‘that’ means a student who scores more.

  •  She is the principal of a school and as such we should respect her.

Here such means the principal of a school.

Demonstrative pronouns tell us whether those are replacing the singular or plural nouns. Mostly we use this, that, these and those to replace the nouns. Out of those pronouns-

  • This‘ is used to denote nearest and
  • That’ is used to denote farther from person or thing.

‘This’ and ‘that’ represent singular noun. We can use this to tell about something close and that to tell about something far away from the speaker.

  • This flower is more beautiful than that.
  • This is my house.
  • We can see that from here.
  • That is your painting. 

That and Those are used to avoid repetition of a noun; as,

  •  The streets of Borivali are better than those of Bandra.
  •  The culture of Mumbai is like that of Pune.

Demonstrative Adjectives

We use demonstrative adjectives with nouns or pronouns. These adjectives modify nouns or pronouns. They cannot stand alone. 

When ‘this’, ‘that’ etc are used with nouns are called demonstrative adjectives.

Here are some examples. In these examples we didn’t use this, that, these as well as those as a demonstrative pronoun but demonstrative adjective. 

Have a look-

  1. This gift is yours.
  2. That gift was mine.
  3. These bags are mine.
  4. Those books are yours.

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