Prepositions- On, In, At

On, in, at are prepositions which link to another naming words in sentence. As there is no specific rule to use the preposition in sentence, there may be confusion in using the prepositions on, in, at.

Here, we shall discuss the uses of prepositions on, in and at

 Prepositions ‘on’, ‘in’, ‘at’ are used to specify-

  • time
  • place
  • device
  • state
  • activity

Preposition- On

Uses of Preposition ‘on’

 We used Preposition ‘on’ in some sentences below. See these sentences as examples to explain the uses of preposition ‘on’.

Preposition ‘on’ is used to specify dates and days

  • She had come on the 26th June last year.
  • I met her on Tuesday

We use preposition ‘on’ to specify a surface of something

  • Deep always writes on the wooden table.
  • Dolly put the vegetables on the kitchen top.

We use preposition ‘on’ to indicate a part of the body

  • She slapped him on his cheek.
  • There is a swelling on my toe.

We use preposition ‘on’ to specify a device or machine

  • Sameer has been designing on the computer since afternoon.
  • That serial is aired on TV every night.

We use preposition ‘on’ to specify the state of something

  • She kept her belongings on sale.
  • They set the mall on fire.

Preposition- In

Uses of Preposition ‘in’

Preposition ‘in’ is used in sentences given below. Read these sentences as examples to explain the uses of preposition ‘in’.

We use preposition ‘in’ to indicate location or place

  • Children are playing in the ground.
  • He always stays in a five star hotel.
  • Sahil’s hometown is in Maharashtra.
  • He looks directly in the eyes of opponent.

We use preposition ‘in’ to indicate shape, colour, size-

  • The students stand in a line.
  • He drew a picture in a circle.
  • She likes a design in pink.
  • The caricatures are mostly in black.
  • We can get this table in four different sizes.
  • She purchased bowls in six different sizes.

We use preposition ‘in’  to explain specific time during a day, month, year, season-

  • She always starts her work in the morning.
  • The third semester will start in June.
  • Diwali always falls in the month of November.
  • She has completed her training in 2010.
  • There is always traffic jam in rainy season.
  • He joined swimming class in summer.

We use preposition ‘in’ to explain the feeling, opinion, belief, interest

  • He doesn’t believe in curse and blessings.
  • I am interested in teaching.

We use preposition ‘in’ while doing something

  • You should be attentive in learning the prepositions.
  • In submitting the drawings for final submission, he checked those again and again.

Preposition- At

Uses of Preposition ‘at’

Out of the prepositions on, in, at uses of preposition ‘at’ is given in the sentences below. Read these sentences as examples to explain the uses of preposition ‘at’.

We use preposition ‘at’  to indicate a place

  • Anny is at her home.
  • Sandy is taking his brother at party house.

We use preposition ‘at’ to explain an activity

  • She criticized at my designing.
  • He is good at football.

We use preposition ‘at’ to explain specific time

  • She is starting to work at 6 o’clock.
  • Meeting was conducted by his boss at 11 am.

We use preposition ‘at’ to explain an email address

  • He sent an image at client’s email address.
  • John emailed me at

There are so many prepositions in English language but on, in, at are the most common. We shall discuss more about prepositions in another chapter-

Definition and list of Prepositions