Domestic Animals



GoatIt is a small horned animal with long hair. It

is reared for milk and meat. Some people rear this

animal to earn money by selling milk and their

young ones.




Horse It is a large animal with four legs, tail

and a flowing mane. It is used to ride on or to

carry loads. Horse carts are popular to

wander for entertaining. Those are kept in

cavalry for soldiers to fight using this animal.

                                                                      It is also used for race.



Sheep – This is herbivorous I.e. grass eating

animal having fleecy (wool) coat, are reared in

flocks for its wool and flesh for food and in some

regions they also rear it for milk as well.




Yak – It is an ox with long horns and hair. It is

domesticated as well as wild animal. It is

found in cold regions like Central Asia. It is

reared for flesh and milk.