Definition of Pronoun

A pronoun is a part of speech. It is a word that we use instead of a noun or noun phrase to avoid the repetition of a noun. That is, a pronoun is a word that takes place of a noun. It works as a noun. That is, a pronoun acts as a subject, object of the preposition, direct object, and indirect object.

Here is the list of some pronouns-

•  I

•  me

•  we

•  you

•  he

• she

•  it

•  they

•  he

•  his

•  herself

•  himself

•  each

•  few

•  who

•  whoever

•  whose

• few

•  someone

•  somebody

•  everybody

•  many

What Is a Pronoun?

We shall see what the pronouns are and how those are used in the sentences.

Let’s have a look-

  • Sameer has to pursue the course that Sameer chose to achieve Sameer’s goal.

In this sentence, I have used the noun ‘Sameer’ thrice. This sentence doesn’t sound good because of the repetition of a noun.

To avoid the repetition of a noun, I shall change the above sentence as;

  • Sameer has to pursue the course that he chose to achieve his goal.

In the above sentence, ‘Sameer’ is a noun. It is the name of a person, and pronouns ‘he’ and ‘his’ are used instead of ‘Sameer’ to avoid the repetition of a noun ‘Sameer’.

Examples of Pronouns in the Sentences

Here are some examples of pronouns.

We shall use pronouns in the sentences below and get the explanation.

  • Sarita was sleeping. She was not feeling well.
  • Sam had lost his raincoat, but he got it today.
  • Wilson has a cat. It is white in colour.

Explanation of pronouns used in the above sentences-

In the above sentences, the words- she, his, he, and it are used instead of Sarita, Sam, and cat respectively to avoid the repetition of their names.

We also use this, that, these and those to avoid repetition of a noun in the sentence. 

Types of Pronouns

There are different types of pronouns you should know.

Here is a list of types of pronouns

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•  Personal 


•  Reflexive 

•  Emphatic 

•  Relative 


•  Demonstrative 

•  Indefinite