Place Value

Place value of digits

Place value is a value of a digit in the number. We have seen that there are single digit as well as two digits numbers, three digits numbers that is, more than one digit numbers. It means in numbers, all digits have their value is called as Place Value.

  • Each digit has its place value.
  • It is counted from right to left.

First we shall see what the place value is.

Now we shall see the numbers from single digit to eight digits.

  • Numbers from 1 to 9 have single digit, called as Units and written as ‘U’.
  • We have numbers with two digits from 10 to 99, called as Tens and written as ‘T’.
  • Numbers from 100 to 999 have three digits, called as Hundreds and written as ‘H’.
  • From 1000 to 9999 numbers have four digits, called as Thousands and written as ‘T’.
  • Numbers from 10000 to 99999 have five digits, called as Ten Thousands and written as ‘T Th’.
  • We have six digits numbers from 100000 to 999999, called as Lac and written as ‘L’. We can also use word A Million for Ten Lacs.
  • Numbers from 1000000 to 9999999 have seven digits, called as Ten Lac and written as ‘TL’.
  • From numbers 10000000 to 99999999 have eight digits, called as Crore and written as ‘C’.

Use A Billion for Hundred Crore.

Place value of every digit in a number

Now we shall take one number and see the value of every digit of that number.

You can search place value of a digit in the given number by typing digit in the search box.

Number is 632, 53,479

Place C TL L T Th Th H T U
Number 6 3 2 5 3 4 7 9
Place value 9

We can read the above number as Six crore (sixty millions), Thirty two lacs (thirty two hundred thousand), fifty three thousand four hundred and seventy nine.

Look at the example-

In the number

3, 27, 35,039 the place value of underlined digit 2 is 2 ten lacs, that is 20, 00,000 as well as of

 underlined digit 3 is three crore, that is 3, 00, 00,000.

And that of underlined 5 is five thousand that is 5000.

How to Find Place Value Easily

Now we shall take an example to find out the place value of a digit in that number.

We have the number- 34369782 and we have to find the place value of 6

  • As we count a place from right to left it is not necessary to count after 6 so ignore all the digits to the left of 6 and we get 69782
  • Now count all the digits after 6. There are four digits. Now put down 6 and remove all four digits by 0 and we get 60000
  • So the place value of 6 is 60000

Face Value of a Digit and Place Value are different. Learn the difference between place and face value .