Use of Have

Use of have in sentence: Have is a verb. It has three forms- have, has and had. Has is used in present tense and had is used in past tense. Have is used with ‘I’,’ we’, ‘you’ and ‘they’ or when the subject is plural noun in present. It is used in present as well as future tense. In future tense, it is used with all singular and plural subjects.

Have: How to Use in Sentence

Let’s see how to use have in a sentence.

Use of have to explain possession

In these sentences, we can use have to explain about possession of place, things, physical conditions and relations also.

Here are some examples. Let’s have a look-

  • We have a nice garden in our yard.
  • I shall have a spacious flat there.
  • You have soft skin.
  • You will have better education in that college.
  • They have a nice bungalow in the metropolitan city.
  • I have too much work now.
  • Seventh standard students have wooden geometrical box.
  • We have a meeting at 9 o’clock.
  • Elephants have long trunk.
  • I have stomach pain.

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Use of have to tell about the completed action

We know that, we can use have in present as well as future tense so we shall take some sentences in present and future tense. In these sentences, we use have with past participle of main verb.  These sentences are in perfect present and perfect future tense. Let’s have a look-

  • You have completed your work in time.
  • I know that I have done it very well.
  • You will have completed your work in time.
  • They have decided to meet their boss in the office.
  • We have received the parcel which was well packed.
  • You have done a good job.
  • We have bought a blue car.
  • They will have done it very well.
  • You will have accepted the offer.
  • They will have improved their skills.