Forms of Verb

List of Verb Forms

List of 5 forms of verb is given here. Use of proper form of verb is very necessary to make the proper sense of sentence.

Some verbs have two forms ( past and past participle) identical.

You will get two forms identical in the verb formation list given below.

In some verb formation; past and past participles are made by adding-

  • ‘ed’ to base form.
  • only ‘d’ to base form.
  • ‘i’ in the place of ‘y’ and then ‘ed’.
  •  extra last letter after vowel and then ‘ed’.

Forms of verbs by joining 'ed' to base form

Five forms of verb that is present tense, past tense, past participle, present participle and infinitive are given in this table. All verbs in this table change their past form with ed.
Present TensePast Tense Past ParticiplePresent ParticipleInfinitive
Accepted Accepted Accepting To accept
Act ActedActedActingTo Act
Add AddedAddedAddingTo Add
AllowAllowedAllowedAllowingTo Allow
Amazed Amazed Amazing To Amaze
Answer AnsweredAnsweredAnsweringTo Answer
Appear AppearedAppearedAppearing To Appear
Appoint Appointed Appointed AppointingTo Appoint
Arrest Arrested Arrested Arresting To Arrest
Ask AskedAskedAskingTo Ask
AttackAttackedAttackedAttackingTo Attack
AvoidedAvoidedAvoidingTo Avoid
BarkedBarkedBarkingTo Bark
Blocked Blocked BlockingTo Block
Boast BoastedBoastedBoastingTo Boast
Boil BoiledBoiledBoilingTo Boil
BorrowBorrowedBorrowedBorrowingTo Borrow
Call CalledCalledCallingTo Call
CheatedCheatedCheatingTo Cheat
Check CheckedCheckedCheckingTo Check
Clean CleanedCleanedCleaningTo Clean
Climb ClimbedClimbedClimbingTo Climb
Collect CollectedCollectedCollectingTo Collect
Complain ComplainedComplainedComplainingTo Complain
Consult ConsultedConsultedConsultingTo Consult
Cook CookedCookedCookingTo Cook
CountCountedCountedCountingTo Count
CoveredCoveredCoveringTo Cover
Cross CrossedCrossedCrossingTo Cross
Defeat DefeatedDefeatedDefeatingTo Defeat
Delayed Delayed DelayingTo Delay
DelightedDelightedDelightingTo Delight
DiscoverDiscoveredDiscoveredDiscoveringTo Discover
EarnEarnedEarnedEarningTo Earn
EmployEmployedEmployedEmployingTo Employ
Enjoyed Enjoyed Enjoying To Enjoy
Enter EnteredEnteredEnteringTo Enter
ExplainExplainedExplainedExplainingTo Explain
Fail Failed Failed Failing To Fail
Fear FearedFearedFearingTo Fear
Finish Finished Finished Finishing To Finish
Float FloatedFloatedFloatingTo Float
GatheredGatheredGatheringTo Gather
Help HelpedHelpedHelpingTo Help
Join JoinedJoinedJoiningTo Join
Jump JumpedJumpedJumpingTo Jump
Kill KilledKilledKillingTo Kill
Laugh LaughedLaughedLaughingTo Laugh
LearnLearnedLearnedLearningTo Learn
Mend Mended Mended Mending To Mend
Mix MixedMixedMixingTo Mix
Need Needed Needed Needing To Need
Obey Obeyed Obeyed Obeying To Obey
Open OpenedOpenedOpeningTo Open
Order OrderedOrderedOrderingTo Order
Peep PeepedPeepedPeepingTo Peep
PlantPlantedPlantedPlantingTo Plant
Played Played PlayingTo Play
Plough PloughedPloughedPloughingTo Plough
Pluck PluckedPluckedPluckingTo Pluck
Pray PrayedPrayed Praying To Pray
Preach PreachedPreachedPreachingTo Preach
Prevent Prevented Prevented Preventing To Prevent
Pull Pulled Pulled Pulling To Pull
Punish PunishedPunishedPunishingTo Punish
Push PushedPushedPushingTo Push
Rain RainedRainedRainingTo Rain
Reach ReachedReachedReachingTo Reach
Remember RememberedRememberedRememberingTo Remember
Repair RepairedRepairedRepairingTo Repair
ResignedResignedResigningTo Resign
Rest RestedRestedRestingTo Rest
Return ReturnedReturnedReturningTo Return
Roar RoaredRoaredRoaringTo Roar
Sow SowedSowedSowingTo Sow
Select Selected Selected Selecting To Select
Stay StayedStayedStayingTo Stay
Talked Talked TalkingTo Talk
Touch TouchedTouchedTouchingTo Touch
Treated Treated TreatingTo Treat
TrustTrustedTrustedTrustingTo Trust
Wait Waited Waited Waiting To Wait
Walk Walked Walked Walking To Walk
Wander WanderedWanderedWanderingTo Wander
WashWashedWashedWashingTo Wash
Watched Watched WatchingTo Watch
Wonder WonderedWonderedWonderingTo Wonder
Worked Worked Working To Work
Wounded Wounded Wounding To Wound
YieldYieldedYieldedYieldingTo Yield


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