5 Forms of Verbs in English | List of Verb Forms

A list of 5 forms of a verb is given here. Using the proper form of a verb is essential to make the appropriate sense of a sentence.

Some verbs have two forms ( past and past participle) identical.

You will get two forms identical in the verb formation list given below.

In some verb formations, past and past participles are made by adding-

  • ‘ed’ to the base form.
  •  ‘d’ to the base form.
  • ‘i’ in the place of ‘y’ and then ‘ed’.
  •  Extra last letter after a vowel and then ‘ed’.

Forms of verbs chart

You can see the five forms of verbs in the chart given below.

5 Forms of Verbs

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Forms of verbs by joining ‘ed’ to the base form

Five forms of verbs, that is, present tense, present tense- s/es form, past tense, past participle, and present participle, are given in this table.

All verbs in this table change their past form with ed.

Have a look-

Sr. No. Present
Tense-s/es form
1. Accept Accepts Accepted Accepted Accepting
2. Achieve achieve Achieve Achieve Achieving
3. Act Acts Acted Acted Acting
4. Add Adds Added Added Adding
5. Allow Allows Allowed Allowed Allowing
6. Amaze Amazes Amazed Amazed Amazing
7. Answer Answers Answered Answered Answering
8. Appear Appears Appeared Appeared Appearing
9. Appoint Appoints Appointed Appointed Appointing
10. Arrest Arrests Arrested Arrested Arresting
11. Ask Asks Asked Asked Asking
12. Attack Attacks Attacked Attacked Attacking
13. Avoid Avoids Avoided Avoided Avoiding
14. Bark Barks Barked Barked Barking
15. Belong Belongs Belong Belong Belong
16. Bless Blesses Bless ed Blessed Blessing
17. Block Blocks Blocked Blocked Blocking
18. Boast Boasts Boasted Boasted Boasting
19. Boil Boils Boiled Boiled Boiling
20. Borrow Borrows Borrowed Borrowed Borrowing
21. Bray Brays Brayed Brayed Braying
22. Call Calls Called Called Calling
23. Canvass Canvasses Canvassed Canvassed Canvassing
24. Carve Carves Carved Carved Carving
25. Celebrate Celebrates Celebrated Celebrated Celebrating
26. Charge Charges Charged Charged Charging
27. Cheat Cheats Cheated Cheated Cheating
28. Check Checks Checked Checked Checking
29. Chip Chips Chipped Chipped Chipping
30. Clean Cleans Cleaned Cleaned Cleaning
31. Climb Climbs Climbed Climbed Climbing
32. Close Closes Closed Closed Closing
33. Collect Collects Collected Collected Collecting
34. Comment Comments Commented Commented Commenting
35. Complain Complains Complained Complained Complaining
36. Complete Completes Completed Completed Completing
37. Consent Consents Consented Consented Consenting
38. Consign Consigns Consigned Consigned Consigning
39. Consult Consults Consulted Consulted Consulting
40. Contain Contains Contained Contained Containing
41. Contribute Contributes Contributed Contributed Contributing
42. Convey Conveys Conveyed Conveyed Conveying
43. Cook Cooks Cooked Cooked Cooking
44. Copy Copies Copied Copied Copying
45. Cough Coughs Coughed Coughed Coughing
46. Count Counts Counted Counted Counting
47. Cover Covers Covered Covered Covering
48. Cross Crosses Crossed Crossed Crossing
49. Crush Crushes Crush ed Crushed Crushing
50. Curve Curves Curved Curved Curving
51. Dance Dances Danced Danced Dancing
52. Defeat Defeats Defeated Defeated Defeating
53. Decay Decays Decayed Decayed Decaying
54. Declare Declares Declared Declared Declaring
55. Delay Delays Delayed Delayed Delaying
56. Delight Delights Delighted Delighted Delighting
57. Deprive Deprives Deprived Deprived Depriving
58. Describe Describes Described Described Describing
59. Direct Directs Directed Directed Directing
60. Discover Discovers Discovered Discovered Discovering
61. Distribute Distributes Distributed Distributed Distributing
62. Download Downloads Downloaded Downloaded Downloading
63. Dry Dries Dried Dried Drying
64. Earn Earns Earned Earned Earning
65. Employ Employs Employed Employing Employing
66. Encircle Encircles Encircled Encircled Encircling
67. Enjoy Enjoys Enjoyed Enjoyed Enjoying
68. Enter Enters Entered Entered Entering
69. Exchange Exchanges Exchanged Exchanged Exchanging
70. Expect Expects Expected Expected Expecting
71. Explain Explains Explained Explained Explaining
72. Fail Fails Failed Failed Failing
73. Fear Fears Feared Feared Fearing
74. Fill Fills Filled Filled Filling
75. Finish Finishes Finished Finished Finishing
76. Fit Fits Fitted Fitted Fitting
77. Flap Flaps Flapped Flapped Flapping
78. Float Floats Floated Floated Floating
79. Fold Folds Folded Folded Folding
80. Force Forces Forced Forced Forcing
81. Free Frees Freed Freed Freeing
82. Frighten Frightens Frightened Frightened Frightening
83. Gather Gathers Gathered Gathered Gathering
84. Gaze Gazes Gazed Gazed Gazing
85. Glance Glances Glanced Glanced Glancing
86. Guide Guides Guided Guided Guiding
87. Happen Happens Happened Happened Happening
88. Hear Hears Heard Heard Hearing
89. Help Helps Helped Helped Helping
90. Humiliate Humiliates Humiliated Humiliated Humiliating
91. Hunt Hunts Hunted Hunted Hunting
92. Hustle Hustles Hustled Hustled Hustling
93. Join Joins Joined Joined Joining
94. Jump Jumps Jumped Jumped Jumping
95. Idealize Idealizes Idealized Idealized Idealizing
96. Identify Identifies Identified Identified Identifying
97. Illumine Illumines Illumined Illumined Illumining
98. Impart Imparts Imparted Imparted Imparting
99. Impinge Impinges Impinged Impinged Impinging
100. Impress Impresses Impressed Impressed Impressing
101. Imprison Imprisons Imprisoned Imprisoned Imprisoning
102. Inaugurate Inaugurates Inaugurated Inaugurated Inaugurating
103. Indulge Indulges Indulged Indulged Indulging
104. Inflate Inflates Inflated Inflated Inflating
105. Infringe Infringes Infringed Infringed Infringing
106. Injure Injures Injured Injured Injuring
107. Inspire Inspires Inspired Inspired Inspiring
108. Kid Kids Kidded Kidded Kidding
109. Kill Kills Killed Killed Killing
110. Lade Lades Laded Laded Lading
111. Land Lands Landed Landed Landing
112. Laugh Laughs Laughed Laughed Laughing
113. Learn Learns Learned Learned Learning
114. Manage Manages Managed Managed Managing
115. Match Matches Matched Matched Matching
116. Mend Mends Mended Mended Mending
117. Merge Merges Merged Merged Merging
118. Mind Minds Minded Minded Minding
119. Miss Misses Missed Missed Missing
120. Moult Moults Moulted Moulted Moulting
121. Mix Mixes Mixed Mixed Mixing
122. Nap Naps Napped Napped Napping
123. Need Needs Needed Needed Needing
124. Note Notes Noted Noted Noting
125. Nourish Nourishes Nourished Nourished Nourishing
126. Obey Obeys Obeyed Obeyed Obeying
127. Occur Occurs Occurred Occurred Occurring
128. Open Opens Opened Opened Opening
129. Oppress Oppresses Oppressed Oppressed Oppressing
130. Order Orders Ordered Ordered Ordering
131. Overflow Overflows Overflowed Overflowed Overflowing
132. Pass Passes Passed Passed Passing
133. Paste Pastes Pasted Pasted Pasting
134. Peep Peeps Peeped Peeped Peeping
135. Phone Phones Phoned Phoned Phoning
136. Plod Plods Plodded Plodded Plodding
137. Plant Plants Planted Planted Planting
138. Play Plays Played Played Playing
139. Plough Ploughs Ploughed Ploughed Ploughing
140. Pluck Plucks Plucked Plucked Plucking
141. Pray Prays Prayed Prayed Praying
142. Preach Preaches Preached Preached Preaching
143. Press Presses Pressed Pressed Pressing
144. Prevent Prevents Prevented Prevented Preventing
145. Produce Produces Produced Produced Producing
146. Propose Proposes Proposed Proposed Proposing
147. Pull Pulls Pulled Pulled Pulling
148. Punish Punishes Punished Punished Punishing
149. Push Pushes Pushed Pushed Pushing
150. Question Questions Questioned Questioned Questioning
151. Race Races Raced Raced Racing
152. Rain Rains Rained Rained Raining
153. Reach Reaches Reached Reaching Reaching
154. Remember Remembers Remembered Remembered Remembering
155. Repair Repairs Repaired Repaired Repairing
156. Resign Resigns Resigned Resigned Resigning
157. Rest Rests Rested Rested Resting
158. Return Returns Returned Returned Returning
159. Roar Roars Roared Roared Roaring
160. Sow Sows Sowed Sowed Sowing
161. Select Selects Selected Selected Selecting
162. Stay Stays Stayed Stayed Staying
163. Talk Talks Talked Talked Talking
164. Touch Touches Touched Touched Touching
165. Treat Treats Treated Treated Treating
166. Trust Trusts Trusted Trusted Trusting
167. Wait Waits Waited Waited Waiting
168. Walk Walks Walked Walked Walking
169. Wander Wanders Wandered Wandered Wandering
170. Wash Washes Washed Washed Washing
171. Watch Watches Watched Watched Watching
172. Wonder Wonders Wondered Wondered Wondering
173. Work Works Worked Worked Working
174. Wound Wounds Wounded Wounded Wounding
175. Rest Rested Rested Rests Resting
176. Yield Yields Yielded Yielded Yielding

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