Excessive Fear of

In this chapter, we shall see the words for phobia starting from a as well as b. We have seen some of the phobias starting from a in previous lesson. Now we shall continue it. Here are the words for excessive fear of missiles, walking, death, height, being close to tall buildings, frogs, needles, pins, books, mud, plant, thunder.

Phobia- words starting from a

  • Apiophobia- excessive fear of bees

          Apiophobic- person suffering from Apiophobia

  • Aquaphobia– excessive fear of water/ wetness

          Aquaphobic- person suffering from Aquaphobia

  • Arachibutyrophobia- excessive fear of peanut butter sticking to roof of mouth

          Arachibutyrophobic- person suffering from Arachibutyro

  • Arachnophobia– excessive fear of spiders

          Arachnophobic- person suffering from Arachnophobia

  • Asthenophobia– excessive fear of weakness

          Asthenophobic- person suffering from Asthenophobia

  • Astrapophobia- excessive fear of thunder and lightning

          Astrapophobic- person suffering from Astrapophobia

  • Automysophobia- excessive fear of being dirty

          Automysophobic- person suffering from Automysophobia

  • Autophobia– excessive fear of loneliness

          Autophobic- person suffering from Autophobia

Words for phobia and phobic starting from b

Now we shall see the words starting from b.

  • Ballistophobia- excessive fear of missiles

          Ballistophobic- person suffering from Ballistophobia

  • Basiphobia– excessive fear of walking

          Basiphobic- person suffering from Basiphobia

  • Bathophobia– excessive fear of death

          Bathophobic- person suffering from Bathophobia

  • Batophobia- excessive fear of heights or being close to tall buildings

          Batophobic- person suffering from Batophobia

  • Batraphobia– excessive fear of frogs

          Batraphobic- person suffering from Batraphobia

  • Bellonephobia- excessive fear of pins and needles

          Bellonephobic- person suffering from Bellonephobia

  • Bibliophobia- excessive fear of  books

          Bibliophobic- person suffering from Bibliophobia

  • Blennophobia- excessive fear of soft, thick, slippery substance like mud or

     particularly mud (Myxophobia)

          Blennophobic- person suffering from Blennophobia

  • Botanophobia– excessive fear of plants

          Botanophobic- person suffering from Botanophobia

  •  Brontophobia– excessive fear of  thunder

          Brontophobic- person suffering from brontophobia


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