Phobia- an Excessive Fear of Something

A phobia is a mental state in which a person has an extreme fear of something.

As human beings, we have a fear of any particular thing, but when there is abnormal

behaviour or fear of something, it is called phobia.

What is a phobia?

  • A phobia is an excessive fear.
  • A person who is suffering from phobia is called phobic.
  • There are various types of phobias and phobics.

Here, we will discuss the words for the abnormal fear of particular things and let

you know what the word is for fear of a specific thing and what the word is for a person

suffering from a certain fear.

An alphabetically arranged list of words for phobias is given here. You will get the words for phobias by clicking the following links:

List of phobias

Here, a list of phobias is given in alphabetical order.

  • List of phobias – A »» A continued
  • List of Phobias: B
  • List of phobias – C »» C continued
  • List of Phobias: D
  • List of phobias – E
  • List of phobias – F
  • List of phobias: G
  • List of phobias – H »» H continued
  • List of Phobias: I
  • List of Phobias: J
  • List of Phobias: K
  • List of phobias: L
  • List of phobias – M »» M continued
  • List of Phobias: N
  • List of Phobias: O
  • List of phobias: P »» P »» P continued
  • List of phobias: Q
  • List of phobias – R       
  • List of phobias – S »» S continued 
  • List of phobias – T »» T continued
  • List of Phobias: U
  • List of phobias – V 
  • List of Phobias: W
  • List of phobias – X 
  • List of phobias:
  • List of Phobias: Z