Simple Future Tense

Verb shows the future time in simple future tense

In sentences of simple future tense, verb shows the future time telling the action to take place.  In these sentences, ‘shall’ is used with first person of singular number and plural number. Will’ is used with second person and third person singular number and plural number. Here is a formation of sentence in simple future tense.

Formation of simple future tense

The sentence is formed as:

Subject + shall/ will + main verb (base form) + remaining words

Here are some examples of simple future tense.

Have a look-

  • She will arrive there on tomorrow.
  • I shall give her a photo frame on her birthday.
  • She will join another company next week.
  • We won’t leave this place at any cost.
  • Will they participate in drama competition?
  • Will you promote this film?
  • He will shoot me an email to inform about the rules of the company.
  • I shall submit all documents at the end of this month.
  • We shall provide all information about the case till Monday.
  • You will get your tickets tomorrow.
  • They will buy necessary things from the shop till Saturday.
  • I shall admit her to another school.

For better understanding we shall take an example with three persons of singular as well as plural number form. Learn from following table.

Examples with three persons in tabular form-

 We shall take one example.

Examples of Simple Future Tense

PersonSingular NumberPlural Number
1stI shall buy that book.We shall buy that book.
2ndYou will buy that book.You will buy that book.
3rdHe will buy that book.They will buy that book.
3rdShe will buy that book.They will buy that book.
3rdIt will buy that book.They will buy that book.

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