Interrogative Adjectives and Demonstrative Adjectives

Interrogative Adjectives

Interrogative Adjectives are the interrogatory words that we use to ask questions. Those are ‘whose’, ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘which’, and ‘where’. These adjectives don’t stand on their own. That is, Interrogative Adjectives are used with nouns to ask questions.

Here are some examples of interrogative adjectives-

  • Whose pen was it? (‘whose’ is an adjective that qualifies noun ‘pen’)
  • Which site will you prefer to visit, among these four?
  • How many books have you selected among those?
  • What are you talking about?
  • Whose papers are these?
  • Which book will he buy?
  • Where did she meet her?
  • How many girls are there in the class?
  • What type of dictionary is it?
  • Which team won the match?
  • Why did she change her previous job and shift?
  • How do you manage this?
  • Why is she weeping?
  • Which house did you buy?
  • Where is he going?

Demonstrative Adjectives 

Demonstrative Adjectives denote the particular person or thing.

We get demonstrative adjectives by questioning ‘which?’ to a thing or person.

Demonstrative adjectives are-

  •  this
  • that
  • these
  • those

‘This’ and ‘that’ for singular nouns

We use ‘this‘ and ‘that’ as the demonstrative adjectives for modifying singular nouns.

We use ‘this‘ to explain something nearby, and that‘ to explain something farther away.

Here are some examples-

  • This girl is more beautiful than Prachi. (Which girl? Ans-this)
  • That wall was painted by Sameer and not by Prachi.
  • This computer is assembled.
  • That boy is more responsible than his mother. (Which boy? Ans- that)

‘These’ and ‘those’ for plural nouns

These‘ and ‘those‘ are the demonstrative adjectives. We use those for modifying plural nouns.

We use ‘these‘ to explain something nearby and ‘those‘  to explain something farther away.

Here are some examples-

  • These chairs have red arms.
  • Those buildings are built by a reputed builder.
  • These trees are like palm trees.
  • Those are paper plates.
  • I like these things.

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