Noun- Definition

The noun is a word that indicates the names of person, place, animal, thing, and idea. The noun is the most important among the eight parts of speech. Nouns are very important in the ‘spoken’ as well as ‘written’ language. We use the term noun for a person, animal, idea, thing, and place.

Examples of Noun

We shall take some examples to know better.

The nouns in each sentence are in bold letters.

  • Pranit started to draw a picture.
  • Sameer is a clever boy.
  • The elephant has a trunk.
  • The parrot is green.
  • Cat drinks milk.
  • Delhi is the capital of India.
  • The dog is an honest animal.
  • Stand in the corner.
  • See me at the school.
  • Trees give oxygen to us.
  • Mind your language.
  • Don’t be rude to your mother.

 Types of Noun

There are two types of Noun

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