What is Noun?

Noun identifies person, place, animal, thing or idea and what we describe about anything in speaking or writing is a name that is, naming word is a nounNoun is a part of speech.


Let’s get some idea with examples of names for people, animal, places, actions, qualities and objects.

Names for –

  • people- teacher, Rahul, niece and boy
  • animals- lion, cat, camel and cow
  • places- shed, temple, Mumbai and school
  • actions- writing, cooking, watching and speaking
  • qualities- childhood, kindness, belief and cleanliness
  • objects- chair, cupboard, computer and bed

Nouns can be singular or plural.


There are two main types of nouns– Proper and Common.

                These are names given for particular persons, animals, or things, it means proper.

               This is a name given to class of person, place or thing.

Any noun can either be common or proper.

Common nouns can be differentiated into-

These words represent something that can be heard, smelt, tasted, seen or touched.

For example-

  • table
  • chair
  • speaker


These names show something that we can’t physically touch, feel, hear, taste, smell, or see.

For example-

  • childhood
  • kindness
  • bravery


We use these words to refer a collection of things as a whole that is group of persons, group of players and group of birds.

For example-


  • Countable Nouns

This name has a singular and plural form and these can be counted so these are used with numbers as – two, four, six etc.

For example-

  • three girls
  • four tables
  • six carpets


  • Uncountable Nouns

This is a name that cannot be counted so it is named uncountable.

For example-

  • water
  • furniture
  • intelligence


  • Compound Nouns

In this, two or more names are combined to form single noun that gives proper meaning of that word.

For example-

  • brother-in-law
  • college boy
  • lemon juice
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