Interrogative Pronouns

Interrogative Pronoun: a Question Word

An interrogative pronoun is a pronoun that is used to ask a question. This pronoun is always used in writing or speaking. We use an interrogative pronoun to get the appropriate information.

There are five main interrogative pronouns

Among these, the word-

Examples of Interrogative pronoun

Here are some examples of interrogative pronouns.

We should keep in mind that sentences containing interrogative pronouns are always questions.

We should put down the question mark after completing the interrogative sentence.

Interrogative pronouns are in green colour. 

1) We use ‘who, whose, whom’ for persons only; as,

  • Who gave you that book?  
  • Who carried the accessories of the car?
  • Who broke the yellow designed vase?
  • Who stood first in the sixth standard?
  • Whose was that book?
  • Whose dress was that?
  • Whose essay are we going to copy?
  • Whose mobile is in your hand?
  •  Whom did you meet?
  • Whom will she choose for our cricket team?
  • Whom are you going to call for a birthday celebration?
  •  Whom does she ask a question?

We use ‘who’ to ask name and family; as,

  • Who are you?
  • Who was in your house?
  • Who is arguing with you?

2) We use ‘whatfor things only; as,

  •    What is bitter than bitter gourd?
  •    What did you tell?
  •    What are you asking?
  •    What do you know about lightweight iron?

3)  We use ‘what’ to ask about the profession of a person.

  •    What is your father?
  •    What is your name?
  •    What is he?

4) We use ‘which’ for things as well as persons.

It is used for questioning concerning limited number; as,

  •    Which of those pens is yours?
  •    Which is the correct answer among these?
  •    Which is the right person for this job?
  •    Which student didn’t obey the teacher?
  •    Which book can you give?

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