Adjectives of Quantity and Quality

 Adjectives of Quantity

Adjectives of Quantity give information about quantity of a thing.

Adjective of quantity is used with noun.

We get these numeral adjectives to know the quantity by asking a question ‘how much?’ to a noun or pronoun.  

 These quantity telling words tell us the amount of noun but does not tell the exact number.

Adjectives of Quantity are used when we don’t want the exact number of noun.

Examples of Adjectives of Quantity

Here are some examples of adjectives of quantity-

  • I took some notebooks.
  • They had enough plates.
  • He gave all his pens.
  • He has no qualification.
  • I have no faith in him.
  • You did not take any book.
  • She asked him to give half material.
  • Many students were present today.
  • I have completed most of my work.
  • Baby ate the whole banana.
  • I don’t have much time.
  • Sam has little interest in drawing.
  • She has sufficient facility to learn the computer skills.
  • We spent a few rupees for watching cinema.
  •  They showed great courage when they met with an accident.

Adjectives of Quality

Adjectives of Quality’ give more information about quality of a thing or person.

Adjective of quality is used to describe the subject or noun.

These adjectives specify quality as well as state and action of a noun.

We get Adjectives of Quality by asking question ‘of what kind?’ to a noun to know the quality of noun.

Examples of Adjectives of Quality

Here are some examples

  • He is a clever boy.
  • He is a nice guy.
  • Japan is a developed country.
  • Sara is a beautiful girl.
  • My boss is an honest person.
  • This is a heavy box.
  • Naina has a black dog.
  • She is an intelligent girl.
  • Mumbai is a beautiful city.
  • Our principal is an old woman.
  • Dog is an honest animal.
  • The big hotel is built last year.
  • My son is wise.
  • New Delhi is a large city.                                         

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