Exclamatory and Emphasizing Adjectives

 Exclamatory Adjective-

Exclamatory Adjectives indicate strong emotion and Exclamatory Adjective is used with noun.

Usually we use a word ‘what’ to express strong emotion that is we use the word ‘what’ as an exclamatory adjective.

Examples of Exclamatory Adjective

Let’s see some examples-

  • What a charming child he is!
  • What a beautiful girl she is!
  • What an idea!
  • What a popular game it is!
  • What a management!
  • What a beautiful flower it is!
  • What a scene!
  • What a picture!

Emphasizing Adjectives-

Emphasizing Adjectives lay stress on the proceeding noun. The words used to emphasize a noun are called Emphasizing Adjectives.

‘Very’ and ‘own’ are the most commonly used emphasizing adjectives which are used to emphasize some idea.

Let’s see some examples-

  • Mind your own business.
  • Mind your own language.
  • I arranged it with my own efforts.
  • You did it with your own hands.
  • He has written all this with his own hands.
  • She has seen him by her own eyes.
  • That very CD I wanted to have and I got it.
  • This is the very woman who quarrels with me.
  • That is the very toy that my son wanted to buy.


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