Exclamatory and Emphasizing Adjectives

 Exclamatory Adjective-

Exclamatory Adjectives indicate strong emotion. We use those with nouns

Usually, we use the word ‘what’ to express strong emotion. That is, we use the word ‘what’ as an exclamatory adjective.

Examples of Exclamatory Adjective

Let’s see some examples-

  • What a charming child he is!
  • What a beautiful girl she is!
  • What an idea!
  • What a popular game it is!
  • What management!
  • What a beautiful flower it is!
  • What a scene!
  • What a picture!

Emphasizing Adjectives-

Emphasizing Adjectives lay stress on the proceeding noun.

The words used to emphasize a noun are called Emphasizing Adjectives.

‘Very’ and ‘own’ are the most commonly used emphasizing adjectives that are used to emphasize some ideas.

Let’s see some examples-

  • Mind your own business.
  • Mind your own language.
  • I arranged it with my own efforts.
  • You did it with your own hands.
  • He has written all this with his own hands.
  • She has seen him with her own eyes.
  • That very CD I wanted to have, and I got it.
  • This is the very woman who quarrels with me.
  • That is the very toy that my son wanted to buy.

Words used as adjectives-

•  Quantity 

•  Quality

•  Interrogative

•  Demonstrative 

•  Number 

•  Definite  Numeral 

•  Indefinite Numeral

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