What are adjectives?

Modifier and qualifier are the synonyms for an adjective.

An Adjective is a describing word.
It describes nouns as well as pronouns.
The use of a modifier makes our sentence more specific.
We use modifiers to identify or specify the nouns or pronouns. The modifying word placed before noun or pronoun in the sentence is an adjective.

Describing words like black, blunt, clever, thousand are all adjectives.

Find an adjective in the sentence

 We get an adjective by asking a question to a noun-

 What kind?

Here are some examples of modifiers. We get modifiers by questioning ‘what kind’ to a noun.

  • The tall man was staring at him.
  • She took a cute puppy with her.
  • The children were in a dirty dress.
  • She was working on a big computer.
  • Warren painted a wall with the blue oil paint.

How many?

Here are some examples of modifiers. We get the modifier by questioning ‘how many’ to a noun.

  • Some pillow covers were red.
  • I got many books.
  • He bought four shirts from the supermarket.
  • It’s fifteen minutes to ten.
  • She saved a few dollars.

Which one?

Here are some examples of these modifiers. We get these modifiers by questioning ‘which one’ to a noun.

  • This book is my favorite.
  • These shirts are cleaned by machine.
  • This egg is of no use because it is rotten.
  • That machine was automatic.
  • He liked those socks very much.


We get these qualifiers by questioning ‘which one’ to a noun. Here are some examples of these qualifiers.

  • That is John’s book.
  • He always updates his profile.
  • I washed its paws with warm water.
  • A girl standing in front of that shop is Ayush’s sister.

Types of Adjectives

Types of adjectives are as follows-

  • Articles

There are three articles- a, an, and the. All three articles are adjectives.

  •  quantity– give information about the quantity
  • Interrogative adjectives – used to ask questions
  • Adjectives of quality– explain the quality of a thing or person
  • Demonstrative adjectives – denote the particular person or thing
  • Adjectives of number– give information about numbers
  • Exclamatory adjectives – indicate strong emotion
  • Emphasizing adjectives – lay stress on the proceeding noun

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