Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Future Perfect Continuous Tense- Imperfect/Progressive

Future Perfect Continuous Tense shows that action continued that will end in the future. In this tense, shall or will is used with ‘have been’ and Present Participle of a verb. This tense is also called the Perfect Imperfect or perfect progressive future tense.

We know that in the future tense, we use modal. So, in this sentence also; we should use modal according to the subject of a sentence.

Let’s see-

Use of modal in the future perfect continuous tense

In this tense, we use shall/ will.

In these sentences, we should use ‘shall have been’ or ‘will have been’ with the present participle of the main verb.

Keep in mind that-

  • For the subject I and we, we should use ‘shall have been’.
  • If the subject is other than I and we, we should use ‘will have been’.

Now we shall take an example with three persons in tabular form

Future Perfect Continuous Tense- Example

In this table, we have an example of future perfect continuous tense. We have taken first, second and third person with singular and plural form. We have used shall / will according to subject.
Let's have a look-
PersonSingular NumberPlural Number
1stI shall have been learning. We shall have been learning.
2ndYou will have been learning.You will have been learning.
3rdHe will have been learning. They will have been learning.
She will have been learning.They will have been learning.
It will have been learning.They will have been learning.

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