What Is a Sentence? 

A sentence is a group of words arranged in proper form. A sentence contains a subject and predicate. That is, a group of words giving complete sense is called a sentence.

 We should keep in mind that,

  • A sentence must contain a subject and predicate.
  • It should be complete in sense.
  • It should start with the capital letter
  • In a sentence, a full stop, exclamatory mark, or question mark should be at the end.

Examples of the Sentence

We shall take some examples-

  • That is a table.

In the above group of words, ‘that’ is a subject and ‘is a table’ is a predicate.

It means, the terms-

  • The subject is the topic of a sentence.

In such a group of words, we give information about the subject. It means we come to know what the sentence is about.

  • The predicate is the information about a subject that is the remaining part, excluding a subject is a predicate.

Some groups of words are short and some are long. But in the sentences, subject and predicate are necessary.

Verb presence is compulsory in a sentence because without a verb we will not be able to understand the proper meaning of a sentence.

The predicate always contains a verb whether the sentences are short, long, simple, or complex.

Examples of Short Sentences

Here are some examples of short sentences.

Sometimes, the predicate is only a verb.

Have a look-

They quarrel.
He failed.

Sometimes, the predicate contains a verb and only one or two other words.

Have a look-

  • We learn mathematics.
  • She learned easy moves.
  • They knew the terms and conditions.

Examples of Long Sentences

Now we shall have some long group of words.

  • Seeta and Geeta are helping blind people to cross the road.
  • John’s sister Helen flew to America for further studies.

Sentences with the Only Verb

We know that a group of words should consist of at least a subject and a verb. But when someone gives the order, it is with only a verb. In these sentences, the subject is understood. It means we are saying someone who is with us.

Let’s have a look-

  • Stop! (You stop!)
  • See! (You see!)
  • Pay attention. (You pay attention. Or- All of you pay attention.)

Types of Sentences

There are four types of sentences.