The Sentence

What Is a Sentence? 

Sentence is a group of words arranged in proper form. Sentences contain subject and predicate. That is, a group of words giving complete sense is called a sentence.

 We should keep in mind that,


  • Must contain subject and predicate.
  • Should be complete in sense.
  • Starting letter should be capital.
  • Full stop, exclamatory mark or question mark should be at the end.

Example of Sentence

We shall take some examples-

  • That is a table.

In above group of words, ‘that’ is a subject and ‘is a table’ is predicate.

It means, the terms-

  • Subject is a topic of the sentence.

In such group of words, we give information about the subject. It means we come to know what the sentence is about.

  • Predicate is the information about subject that is the remaining part excluding subject is the predicate.

Some group of words are short and some are long but in the sentences, subject and predicate are necessary.

Verb presence is compulsory in the sentences because without verb we will not be able to understand the proper meaning.

The predicate always contains a verb whether the sentences are short, long, simple or complex.

Examples of Short Sentences

Here are some examples of short sentences.

Sometimes, the predicate is only a verb. Have a look-

They quarrel.

Sometimes, predicate contains a verb and only one or two other words.

Have a look-

  • We learn mathematics.
  • She learnt easy moves.
  • They knew the terms and conditions.

Examples of Long Sentences

Now we shall have some long group of words.

  • Seeta and Geeta are helping blind people to cross the road.
  • John’s sister Helen flew to America for further studies.

Sentences with Only Verb

We know that group of words should consist of at least a subject and verb but when someone gives order, it is with only a verb. In these sentences, subject is understood. It means, we are saying someone who is with us.

Let’s have a look-

  • Stop! (You stop!)
  • See! (You see!)
  • Pay attention. (You pay attention. Or- All of you pay attention.)

Types of Sentences

There are four types of group of words.