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Some people have phobia of sermons, men, sameness, firearms, mercurial medicines, water, rabies, glass, liquid, dampness, moisture, materialism, epilepsy, forest, responsibility, sleep or being hypnotized and height. Get the words for above phobia and phobic persons.

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  • Homilophobia– excessive fear of sermons.

                  Homilophobic– person suffering from Homilophobia

  • Hominophobia– excessive fear of men.

                  Hominophobic– person suffering from Hominophobia

  • Homophobia– excessive fear of sameness.

                  Homophobic– person suffering from Homophobia

  • Hoplophobia– excessive fear of firearms.

                  Hoplophobic– person suffering from Hoplophobia

  • Hydrargyophobia– excessive fear of mercurial medicines.

                  Hydrargyophobic– person suffering from Hydrargyophobia

  • Hydrophobia– excessive fear of water or rabies.

                  Hydrophobic– person suffering from Hydrophobia

  • Hydrophobophobia– excessive fear of rabies.

                  Hydrophobophobic– person suffering from Hydrophobophobia

  • Hyelophobia or Hyalophobia– excessive fear of glass. (Nelophobia)

                  Hyelophobic or Hyalophobic– person suffering from Hyelophobia or Hyalophobia

  • Hygrophobia– excessive fear of liquids, dampness, or moisture.

                  Hygrophobic– person suffering from Hygrophobia

  • Hylephobia– excessive fear of materialism or the fear of epilepsy.

                  Hylephobic– person suffering from Hylephobia


  • Hylophobia– excessive fear of forests.

                  Hylophobic– person suffering from Hylophobia

  • Hypengyophobia or Hypegiaphobia– excessive fear of responsibility.

                  Hypengyophobic or Hypegiaphobic– person suffering from Hypengyophobia or


  • Hypnophobia– excessive fear of sleep or of being hypnotized.

                  Hypnophobic– person suffering from Hypnophobia

  • Hypsiphobia– excessive fear of height.

                  Hypsiphobic– person suffering from Hypsiphobia

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