Phobia List E

 Phobia- Words for Fear Starting From E

Here is a list of words for phobia starting from e. Can you guess what the words are for fear of church, home, mirror, electricity, freedom, vomiting, pins, crowd, insects, dawn, teenagers, nosebleeds, horses and more?

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Phobia list 

  • Ecclesiophobia– excessive fear of church

              Ecclesiophobic– person suffering from Ecclesiophobia

  • Ecophobia– excessive fear of home

              Ecophobic– person suffering from Ecophobia

  • Eicophobia– excessive fear of home surroundings

              Eicophobic– person suffering from Eicophobia

  • Eisoptrophobia– excessive fear or of seeing oneself in a mirror

              Eisoptrophobic– person suffering from Eisoptrophobia

  • Electrophobia– excessive fear of electricity

              Electrophobic–  person suffering from Electrophobia

  • Eleutherophobia– excessive fear of freedom

              Eleutherophobic– person suffering from Eleutherophobia

              Elurophobic– person suffering from Elurophobia

  • Emetophobia– excessive fear of vomiting

              Emetophobic– person suffering from Emetophobia

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ABCDE , F , GH , IJKL , MNO , P , ST

  • Enetophobia– excessive fear of pins.

              Enetophobic– person suffering from Enetophobia

More Words for Phobia

  • Enochlophobia– excessive fear of crowds.

              Enochlophobic– person suffering from Enochlophobia

  • Enosiophobia or Enissophobia– excessive fear of having committed an unpardonable sin or of criticism.

              Enosiophobic or Enissophobic– person suffering from Enosiophobia or Enissophobia

  • Entomophobia– excessive fear of Insects

                 Entomophobic -person suffering from Entomophobia

  • Eosophobia– excessive fear of dawn

               Eosophobic– person suffering from Eosophobia

  • Ephebiphobia– excessive fear of teenagers.

              Ephebiphobic– person suffering from Ephebiphobia

  • Epistaxiophobia– excessive fear of nosebleeds.

              Epistaxiophobic– person suffering from Epistaxiophobia

  • Epistemophobia– excessive fear of knowledge.

              Epistemophobic– person suffering from Epistemophobia

  • Equinophobia– excessive fear of horses

              Equinophobic– person suffering from Equinophobia

  • Eragsiophobia– excessive fear of surgery

                Eragsiophobic– person suffering from Eragsiophobia

  • Ereuthrophobia– excessive fear of blushing.

              Ereuthrophobic person suffering from Ereuthrophobia 

  • Ergasiophobia– excessive fear of work

                Ergasiophobic– person suffering from Ergasiophobia

  • Ergophobia– excessive fear of work

               Ergophobic– person suffering from Ergophobia

  • Eremiophobia– excessive fear of loneliness/stillness

               Eremiophobic– person suffering from Eremiophobia

  • Erythrophobia– excessive fear of red

              Erythrophobic -person suffering from Erythrophobia

  • Euphobia–  excessive fear of  good news

                Euphobic– person suffering from Euphobia

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