Ichthyohobia, Insectophobia, Judeophobia and More

List of Phobia- I

There are so many words for particular phobia. We discussed some of those in previous chapters. You can get those in alphabetically arranged lists.

In this list you will get the words for phobia and persons suffering from the particular phobia starting from i and j. 

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Get the list of words for fear of doctor, fish, images, ideas, vertigo, poisoning, insects, being alone, termite, Japanese and Jews.

Have a look-

  • Iatrophobia– excessive fear of going to the doctor or of doctors

               Iatrophobic– person suffering from Iatrophobia

  • Ichthyophobia– excessive fear of fish

                 Ichthyophobic– person suffering from Ichthyophobia

  • Iconophobia– excessive fear of images

               Iconophobic– person suffering from Iconophobia

  • Ideophobia– excessive fear of ideas.

               Ideophobic– person suffering from Ideophobia

  • Illyngophobia– excessive fear of vertigo or feeling dizzy when looking down.

               Illyngophobic– person suffering from Illyngophobia

  • Iophobia– excessive fear of poisoning

                Iophobic– person suffering from Iophobia

  • Insectophobia- excessive fear of of insects.

               Insectophobic– person suffering from Insectophobia

  • Isolophobia– excessive fear of solitude, being alone.

               Isolophobic– person suffering from Isolophobia

  • Isopterophobia– excessive fear of termites, insects that eat wood.

               Isopterophobicperson suffering from Isopterophobia

List of Phobia- J

  • Japanophobia– excessive fear of Japanese.

              Japanophobic– person suffering from Japanophobia

  • Judeophobia– excessive fear of Jews

              Judeophobic– person suffering from Judeophobia

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