Lachanophobia, Lilapsophobia, Liticaphobia, Logophobia and More

Phobia List Starting From L

This Phobia list contains words for phobia starting from L. In previous lists of phobia you will get the words for fear starting from- ABCDE , F , GH , IJKL , MNO , P , STV

In this chapter, you will get the words for fear of vegetables, speaking. leprosy, white colour, loud noise, tornadoes and hurricanes, lake, strings, lawsuit, child birth, computer, speech, syphilis, otters, dark, rabies and madness.

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  • Lachanophobia– excessive fear of vegetables.

               Lachanophobic– person suffering from Lachanophobia

  • Laliophobia or Lalophobia– excessive fear of speaking.

               Laliophobic or Lalophobic– person suffering from Laliophobia or Lalophobia

  • Leprophobia or Lepraphobia– excessive fear of leprosy.

               Leprophobic– person suffering from Leprophobia

  • Leukophobia– excessive fear of white colour.

               Leukophobic– person suffering from Leukophobia

  • Levophobia– excessive fear of things to the left side of the body

               Levophobic– person suffering from Levophobia

  • Ligyrophobia– excessive fear of  loud noises

             Ligyrophobic– person suffering from Ligyrophobia

  • Lilapsophobia– excessive fear of tornadoes and hurricanes.

               Lilapsophobic– person suffering from Lilapsophobia

  • Limnophobia– excessive fear of lakes.

               Limnophobic– person suffering from Limnophobia

  • Linonophobia– excessive fear of string

              Linonophobic– person suffering from Linonophobia

  • Liticaphobia– excessive fear of lawsuits.

               Liticaphobic– person suffering from Liticaphobia


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  • Lockiophobia– excessive fear of childbirth.

               Lockiophobic– person suffering from Lockiophobia

  • Logizomechanophobia– excessive fear of computers.

               Logizomechanophobic– person suffering from Logizomechanophobia

  • Logophobia– excessive fear of speech

               Logophobic-person suffering from Logophobia

  • Luiphobia– excessive fear of syphilis.

               Luiphobic– person suffering from Luiphobia

  • Lutraphobia– excessive fear of otters.

               Lutraphobic– person suffering from Lutraphobia

  • Lygophobia– excessive fear of dark

               Lygophobic -person suffering from Lygophobia

  • Lysophobia– excessive fear of hydrophobia (rabies or of becoming mad)

               Lysophobic -person suffering from Lysophobia

  • Lyssophobia– excessive fear of madness

               Lyssophobic-person suffering from lyssophobia