Katsaridaphobia, Kinesiophobia, Kenophobia, Kopophobia and More

 Phobia- List Starting From K

In this chapter, we shall see the words for phobia starting from k. Here, you will get the words for the fear of novelty, change, failure, ridicule, sitting down, cockroaches, emptiness, thunder and lightening, movement, thieves or stealing, rooms, fatigue, dust, cosmic phenomenon, waves, rabies and stooping.

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  • Kainolophobia or Kainophobia– excessive fear of anything new, novelty.

               Kainolophobic– person suffering from Kainolophobia 

  • Kainotophobia– excessive fear of change

                Kainotophobic– person suffering from Kainotophobia

  • Kakorrhaphiophobia– excessive fear of failure or defeat

                Kakorrhaphiophobia- person suffering from Kakorrhaphiophobia

  • Katagelophobia– excessive fear of ridicule.

                Katagelophobic– person suffering from Katagelophobia

  • Kathisophobia– excessive fear of sitting down.

                Kathisophobic– person suffering from Kathisophobia

  • Katsaridaphobia– excessive fear of cockroaches.

                Katsaridaphobic– person suffering from Katsaridaphobia

  • Kenophobia– excessive fear of Emptiness

                Kenophobic– person suffering from Kenophobia

  • Keraunophobia– excessive fear of thunder and lightning .(Astraphobia, Astrapophobia)

                Keraunophobic– person suffering from Keraunophobia

  • Kinesophobia or Kinetophobia– excessive fear of movement

                Kinesophobic-person suffering from Kinesophobia

  • Kleptophobia– excessive fear of thieves or stealing

               Kleptophobic– person suffering from Kleptophobia

  • Koinoniphobia– excessive fear of rooms.

                Koinoniphobic– person suffering from Koinoniphobia

  • Kopophobia– excessive fear of fatigue.

                Kopophobic– person suffering from Kopophobia

  • Koniophobia– excessive fear of dust. (Amathophobia)

                Koniophobic– person suffering from Koniophobia

  • Kosmikophobia– excessive fear of cosmic phenomenon.

                Kosmikophobic– person suffering from Kosmikophobia

  • Kymophobia– excessive fear of waves. (Cymophobia)

                Kymophobic– person suffering from Kymophobia

  • Kynophobia– excessive fear of rabies.

                Kynophobic– person suffering from Kynophobia

  • Kyphophobia– excessive fear of stooping

                Kyphophobic– person suffering from Kyphophobia

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