Neophobia, Nosocomephobia, Nyctophobia and More with Phobic

Words for Phobia Starting From N 

 This list has the words for phobia starting from n. You got the words for phobia starting from  ABCDE , F , GH , IJKL , MNO , P , STVIn this list you will get the words for fear of fog, corpses or dead bodies, black people, glass, new drugs, changes, clouds, nights, names, becoming ill, hospitals, disease, returning home, step mother, nuclear weapons, nudity, numbers, dark wooded areas and night.

List of Phobia

In this list, you will get the words for phobia as well as person who suffers from the particular fear.

Have a look- 

  • Nebulaphobia– excessive fear of fog

                 Nebulaphobic– person suffering from Nebulaphobia. 

                       These people afraid of clouds in the sky as well as cloud photos.

  •  Necrophobia– excessive fear of corpses

                Necrophobic person suffering from Necrophobia

  • Negrophobia– excessive fear of black people

               Negrophobic-person suffering from Negrophobia.

                            These people avoid eye contact with the Negros.

  • Nelophobia– excessive fear of glass. (hyelophobia or hyalophobia)

                 Nelophobic-person suffering from Nelophobia.

These persons cannot go near glass windows. They afraid of fragility of glass.

  • Neopharmaphobia– excessive fear of new drugs.

                 Neopharmaphobic-person suffering from Neopharmaphobia

  • Neophobia – excessive fear of newness or changes

                Neophobic-person suffering from Neophobia

  • Nephophobia– excessive fear of clouds.

                 Nephophobic-person suffering from Nephophobia

  • Noctiphobia– excessive fear of the night.

                 Noctiphobic-person suffering from Noctiphobia

  • Nomatophobia– excessive fear of names.

                 Nomatophobic-person suffering from Nomatophobia

  • Nosemaphobia– excessive fear of becoming ill.

                 Nosemaphobic-person suffering from Nosemaphobia

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  • Nosocomephobia– excessive fear of hospitals.

                 Nosocomephobic-person suffering from Nosocomephobia

  • Nosophobia– excessive fear of Illness/disease

                Nosophobic– person suffering from Nosophobia

  • Nostophobia– excessive fear of returning home.

                 Nostophobic-person suffering from Nostophobia

  • Novercaphobia –   excessive fear of one’s stepmother

                    Novercaphobic -person suffering from Novercaphobia

  • Nucleomituphobia– excessive fear of nuclear weapons.

                 Nucleomituphobic-person suffering from Nucleomituphobia

  • Nudophobia– excessive fear of nudity.

                 Nudophobic-person suffering from Nudophobia

  • Numerophobia– excessive fear of numbers.

                 Numerophobic-person suffering from Numerophobia

  • Nyctohylophobia– excessive fear of dark wooded areas or forests at night

                 Nyctohylophobic-person suffering from Nyctohylophobia

  • Nyctophobia – excessive fear of night

                 Nyctophobic-person suffering from Nyctophobia