Adjectives of Number or Numeral Adjectives

  Adjectives of Number          

The adjectives of Numbers are also called Numeral Adjectives.  

Adjectives of Number
Numeral Adjective

These adjectives give information about the numbers or order of persons or things. 

 We can question ‘How many?’ to a noun  to get adjectives of Number

Examples of Adjectives of Number

Here are some examples of words for counting things. These words are in bold letters

  • She sang five songs on the annual function ceremony.
  • Most girls participate in a knitting competition.
  • You can learn twenty-four hours a day from this site.
  • There are several things to learn.
  • She has learnt something.
  • He has bought many notebooks from the mall.
  • You should take some rice.
  • Every word of this article should be edited.
  • Each student must learn basic formulas.
  • All students of the eleventh standard participated in co-curricular activities. 
  • She is the first housewife who joined Grammar class.
  • There is only one solution to this problem.
  • This construction is of the seventeenth-century, and still, there is no damage. 

Types of Numeral Adjectives

Adjectives of Numbers are distinguished according to their work in the sentence. Those are of three types.

  1. Distributive Numeral 
  2. Definite Numeral 
  3. Indefinite Numeral 

Distributive Numeral  Adjectives

Distributive numeral adjectives denote to every one of a number. 

Here are some examples to get you better.

Distributive numeral adjectives are in bold letters.

  •  Every thread of it is faint coloured.
  •  Each lady must take care of her child.                   

Definite Numeral Adjectives  

We can use a definite numeral adjective to tell about the exact position or number of subjects in the sentence. 

Read the following sentences to understand better.

Examples of distributive numeral adjectives are in bold letters.

  • Rohit stood first in his class.
  • There are eleven players in the team.  

  Indefinite Numeral Adjectives

We use indefinite numeral adjectives to tell about numerous subjects. These words do not explain about specific count value. And we use those as adjectives of quantity.                

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