Cries of Birds

Cries of Birds – Sounds They Make

Cries of birds? We know that animals as well as birds also make some sound. That sound is a cry. We should know the particular words for cries of animals and birds. Here is a list of the words for the cries of birds.

Have a look-

Birds           –          word for the cry

Birds           –          twitter, chirp, sing, whistle

Blackbirds –      whistle

Canaries    –    sing

Chaffinches –  chirp

Cicadas  –           sing

Chickens    –       cluck

Cocks         –        crow

 Crows       –        caw

Cuckoos     –       coo

Curlews     –        pipe

Doves        –         coo

Ducks        –         quack

Eagles      –          scream

Falcons       –      chant  

Flies          –          buzz

Goose      –        cackle, gobble, hiss, honk

Grouse    –        drums

Hawk       –        scream

Hen          –       cackle, cluck

Jay          –        chatters

Kittens   –      mew

Lark         –      sing, warble

Magpie    –    chatters

Nightingale-  sing, warble

Owl         –        hoot, screech, scream

Parrot    –       talk, screech, squawk

Peacock –      scream

Peafowl –       scream

Peewits  –     pee- wit

Pigeon   –      coo

Raven    –       croak

Redstart  –  whistles

Robin     –       chirp

Rook       –       caw

Screech owls   –   screech

Sparrow  –      chirp, twitter

Swallow   –      twitter

Swan        –       cry

Thrushes     –     sing, whistle

Turkey – cocks    – gobble

Vultures   –   scream

Whitethroats   – chirr

Wren        –         warble             

You will get a list of categorized words in Glossary.  

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