Cries of Birds- Birds Sound Name

Cries of birds? We know that animals, as well as birds, also make some sounds. That sound is a cry. The Cry of birds differs from each other. We should know the particular words for the cries of birds and animals.

Names for Cries of Birds

Here is a list of the words for the cries of birds. That is, the names of sounds the animals make- the birds’ sound names.

Do you know the bird’s sound name?

  1. The robin’s sound name is Chuckle.
  2. The parrot sound’s name is Talk.
  3. The peacock’s sound name is Scream.
  4. The pigeon’s sound name is Coo. 

How do birds sound?

Have a look-

Here is a list of birds and their sounds

Birds Cries/ Sound names
1. Bats screech
2. Birds twitter, chirp, sing, whistle
3. Blackbirds whistle
4. Canaries sing
5. Chaffinches chirp
6. Cicadas sing
7. Chickens Cluck, cackle
8. Cocks crow
9. Cranes hiss, honk
10. Crows caw
11. Cuckoos coo
12. Curlews pipe
13. Doves coo
14. Ducks quack
15. Eagles scream
16. Egrets rick-rack
17. Kites scream
18. Falcons chant
19. Flamingos Mutter, grunt
20. Flies buzz
21. Geese (Gooses) cackle, gobble, hiss, honk
22. Grouses drums
23. Hawks scream
24. Hens cackle, cluck
25. Hummingbirds chatter, squeal, hum
26. Jays  chatters
27. Kittens mew
28. Larks sing, warble
29. Magpies chatters
30. Nightingales pipe, sing, warble
31. Owls hoot, screech, Scream
32. Ostriches chirp, bark, hiss
33. Parrots talk, screech, squawk
34. Peacocks scream
35. Pea-fowls scream
36. Peewits pee-wit
37. Pigeons coo
38. Ravens croak
39. Redstarts whistles
40. Robins chirr, Chuckle, laugh
41. Rooks caw
42. Screech owls screech
43. Sparrows chirp, Twitter
44. Swallows twitter
45. Swans cry
46. Thrushes sing, whistle
47. Turkeys Cocks, gobble
48. Vultures scream
49. Whitethroats chirr
50. Wrens warble

    You will get a list of categorized words in the lesson Glossary.  

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