Domestic Animals

 Domestic animals are animals that human keeps for work, food source or as a pet. These live with humans for so many years and we don’t consider those wild. There are so many animals that humans keep as their pet. Human of Neolithic age started to domesticate those for the agriculture purpose. They came to know the benefits of rearing some animals. First they started to breed goats. After getting benefits of breeding goats they started to breed sheep, cattle and pigs. And thus the list of domestic animals increased.

Humans breed domesticated animals for-

  • economic profit
  • food
  • agricultural yield (their dung is used as fertilizer)
  • agricultural work
  • carry loads

Domestic Animals- Camel, Cat, Cow and Dog

Here is an information about camel, cat, cow and dog. Have a look-


Domestic animals- camel

  Human domesticate camel mostly as work animal. It is also useful for production of milk, meat and leather. Camel is a large animal found in mostly desert regions where food and water is scarce and temperature rapidly changes from hot days to cooler nights. It has adapted the life in desert, has long neck and it can have one or two humps on its back.  It uses its hump to store food and muscles and stomach to store water. It can close its nostrils to stop the sand from blowing in. Due to its storage capacity it can stay for long time without food or water. It is used for carrying goods in desert regions. So camel is called as ship of desert.

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Domestic animals- cat


It is nocturnal, carnivorous and small furry domestic animal. It looks like a small tiger hence we also call it aunt of the tiger. Human came to know that to get rid of rats and mice, domestication of cat is the helpful way so it is kept in the house for catching rats but people often keep it as a pet. Its legs are very strong and flexible which helps it to jump high or climb up fast. It has a unique ability that while falling, it can reduce the speed of its fall with the help of its tail.

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Cow –

Domestic animals- cow

 This is a female of ox family. In older days humans were using cows to pull cart and plough fields. But now a days those humans rear cow for milk production. Farmers keep it as a domestic animal for production of milk, cheese, curd and butter.                                                   

Domestic animals- dog

Dog – 

It is the first domesticated animal. It looks like the wolf. This is a common four legged animal. Like wolf, dog has smaller brain, short jaws and also submissive behavior. Due to similarity between humans’ and dogs’ social behavior, humans could easily domesticate dogs. Usually people keep this pet for guarding the house and some people keep it as a hobby or attraction. Farmers use this animal for guarding farms as well as keeping eye on their cattle.

These are some of the domesticate animals. You can get more domesticate animals in next chapter.


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