Megalophobia, Melissophobia, Melophobia, Metathesiophobia and More

Here is a list of words for phobia starting from M. You will get the words for fear of waiting, cooking, pregnancy or childbirth, madness, punishment, motherhood, machines, large things, black colour, bees music, brain disease, being tied up, metal, changes, meteors, alcohol and poetry.

Words For Phobia Starting From M 

  • Macrophobia– excessive fear of prolonged waiting

                 Macrophobic– person suffering from Macrophobia

  • Mageirocophobia– excessive fear of cooking.

                 Mageirocophobic– person suffering from Mageirocophobia

  • Maieusiophobia– excessive fear of childbirth

                 Maieusiophobic– person suffering from Maieysiophobia

  • . Maieuticophobia– excessive fear of pregnancy or childbirth

                 Maieuticophobic-person suffering from Maieuticophobia

  • Maniaphobia – excessive fear of madness

                Maniaphobic– person suffering from Maniaphobia

  • Mastigophobia– excessive fear of punishment.

                 Mastigophobic– person suffering from Mastigophobia

  • Mastophobia – excessive fear of breast

                 Mastophobic– person suffering from Mastophobia

  • Matrophobia – excessive fear of motherhood

                Matrophobic– person suffering from Matrophobia

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  • Mechanophobia– excessive fear of machines.

                Mechanophobic– person suffering from Mechanophobia

  • Megalophobia – excessive fear of large things

                 Megalophobic– person suffering from Megalophobia

  • Melanophobia– excessive fear of black colour.

                Melanophobic– person suffering from Melanophobia

  • Melissophobia– excessive fear of bees

.                    Melissophobic– person suffering from Melissophobia

  • Melophobia– excessive fear or hatred of music.

                Melophobic– person suffering from Melophobia

  • Meningitophobia– excessive fear of brain disease.

                Meningitophobic– person suffering from Meningitophobia

  • Merinthophobia– excessive fear of being bound or tied up.

                Merinthophobic– person suffering from Merinthophobia

  • Metallophobia– excessive fear of metal.

                Metallophobic– person suffering from Metallophobia

  • Metathesiophobia– excessive fear of changes.

                Metathesiophobic– person suffering from Metathesiophobia

  • Meteorophobia– excessive fear of meteors.

                Meteorophobic– person suffering from Meteorophobia

  • Methyphobia– excessive fear of alcohol.

                Methyphobic– person suffering from Methyphobia

  • Metrophobia– excessive fear or hatred of poetry.

                Metrophobic– person suffering from Metrophobia