Mnemophobia, Monophobia, Musophobia, Mysophobia and More

Phobia and Phobic- Words Starting From M

We have seen the words for phobia and Phobic starting from a, b, c…. Now we shall see the words for phobia and phobic starting from m. Here we are continuing the list of words for fear starting from m.

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Here are the words for excessive fear of microbes, small things, germs, memories, contamination, loneliness, disease, automobiles, moths, mice, darkness, ants, false statement and slime.

List of Phobia Starting From M

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  • Microbiophobia– excessive fear of microbes, germs. (Bacillophobia)

                Microbiophobic– person suffering from Microbiophobia

  • Microphobia– excessive fear of small things

              Microphobic– person suffering from Microphobia

  • Misophobia or Mysophobia- excessive fear of being contaminated with dirt or germs.

              Misophobic or Mysophobic– person suffering from Misophobia or Mysophobia

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  • Mnemophobia– excessive fear of memories.

              Mnemophobic– person suffering from Mnemophobia

  • Molysmophobia or Molysomophobia- excessive fear of dirt or contamination.

              Molysmophobic or Molysomophobic- person suffering from Molysmophobia or Molysomophobia

  • Monophobia– excessive fear of loneliness

              Monophobic-person suffering from Monophobia

  • Monopathophobia– excessive fear of definite disease.

              Monopathophobic– person suffering from Monopathophobia

  • Motorphobia– excessive fear of automobiles.

              Motorphobic– person suffering from Motorphobia

  • Mottephobia– excessive fear of moths.

              Mottephobic– person suffering from Mottephobia

  • Muriphobia – excessive fear of mice

              Muriphobic -person suffering from Muriphobia

  • Musophobia– excessive fear of mice

              Musophobic– person suffering from Musophobia

  • Myctophobia– excessive fear of darkness.

              Myctophobic– person suffering from Myctophobia

  • Myophobia– excessive fear of mice

              Myophobic– person suffering from Myophobia

  • Myrmecophobia– excessive fear of ants.

              Myrmecophobic– person suffering from Myrmecophobia

  • Mysophobia– excessive pathological fear of contamination and germs.

              Mysophobic– person suffering from Mysophobia

  • Mythophobia– excessive fear of myths or stories or false statements.

              Mythophobic– person suffering from Mythophobia

              Myxophobic– person suffering from Myxophobia


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