Cries of Animals

Cries of Animals – Sounds They Make

All animals cry. Cries of animals  differ from each other and there are particular words for their cries. We know that birds also cry. We have seen the words for sounds of birds in chapter Cries of Birds. Now we shall see the words for cries of animals.

Here is a list of those words. 

Have a look –

Animal            Word for cry

Apes         –       gibber

Asses          –   bray

Bats          –      screech

 Bears        –     growl       

Bees           –     hum      

Beetles       –    drone      

Bulls           –     bellow

Camels       –    grunt  

Calves   –  bleat

Cats            –    mew

Cattles        –    moo

Chickens     –    cluck

Cows           –     moo

Deer         –      bell

Dogs           –     bark

Donkeys     –    bray

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Elephants   –    trumpet

Frogs         –      croak    

Foxes         –       yelp and bark

Goats       –      bleat

Hogs   -grunt

Horses    –  neigh

Hound – bay

Hyenas   –   laugh, scream

Lambs   –  baa and bleat

Lions  –  roar

Mice  – squeak and squeal

Monkeys  – chatter and gibber

Oxen –    bellow and low

Pigs – squeak, squeal and grunt

Puppies    –   yelp

Rabbits    –    squeak

Seagull   –    scream

Seal       –    bark

sheep  –  baa or bleat

Snakes  –  hiss

 Stags   –  call and bellow

Tigers   –  growl, roar

Wolves   – howl