What is a proper noun? Examples in Sentences

What is a Proper Noun?

A proper noun is a specific name of a person, place, institution, city, corporation and planet. 

We know the Noun means the name of anything that is people, places, things, and ideas. 

But according to the use, nouns are differentiated into two kinds-

Proper Noun Definition

We can say Proper noun definition is as follows;

A proper Noun is a noun that names a specific person, place, thing, and idea.

A proper Noun is distinguished from the common Noun

Keep in Mind about Proper Noun

When we use proper nouns in sentences, we should remember some ideas.

Let’s see-

  • We should always write the beginning letter of the proper name in the capital, no matter wherever it is in the sentence.
  • We use the term noun for a single word. Therefore only proper names with a single word are proper nouns.
  • In English, proper names are not used with articles or modifiers such as ‘another’ or ‘any’.

Here we shall take some examples to know the use of proper nouns in the sentence.

Examples of Proper Nouns in sentences 

In the following sentences, there is the use of common as well as proper nouns. You will get that we use these nouns to show specific names, and common nouns to show general names.

Common nouns are in italics, and proper nouns are in bold letters.

  • I have to pursue my studies in one of the best subjects.

   I have to pursue my studies in Mathematics.

  • Prachi resides near the city.

   Prachi resides near Mumbai.

  • He reached the capital of India in the morning.

   He reached Delhi in the morning.

  • She wants to be a singer.

    Lata Mangeshkar is a great singer.

   She always goes for a walk with Arohi and Sneha.

In the above sentences-

Mathematics, Mumbai, Delhi, Lata Mangeshkar, Arohi and Sneha are the names of subjects, places and persons.

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How to use Proper Nouns

The use of a proper noun is easy. 

We can use proper nouns anywhere in the sentence, but we should ensure that the starting letter is capital.

Here are some examples; observe those-

  • There is a school near the place where he resides, but there are no qualified teachers except Mrs Gloria.
  • They wanted to go anywhere to relax from this working place, so they decided to go to Goa.

Proper Noun Example in Sentence

Here are some proper noun examples in sentences. Those are in bold letters.

Let’s have a look-

  • The class teacher of the fifth standard is Mrs Manjule.
  • His friend has to pursue engineering in Germany.
  • Abdul Kalam was a president and scientist.
  • That picture is drawn on Titanic.

In the above sentences, blue-coloured words are Proper nouns.

   Proper Noun Definition for Kids

We always ask others their name, and we get the answer- 

  • My name is Akash. 
  • My name is Sara.

In the above sentences, ‘Akash’ is the name of a boy, and ‘Sara’ is the name of a girl. 

We say- 

  • India is my country.
  • She bought a Mercedes.

In the above sentences, India is the name of a place, and Mercedes is the name of a thing. 

In Grammar, we say Akash, Sara, India, and Mercedes are proper nouns. 

So, the proper noun definition is

A proper noun is a name given to something that is a person, place, or thing.

Your queries-

Here are some queries and answers to those queries. Have a look-

  • singer proper Noun
  • singer is a proper noun
  • is singer a proper noun
  • singer is a common noun or proper Noun
  • singer is common Noun or proper Noun
  • singer is which type of Noun
  • singer is a noun or not
  • is singer a noun

Answer- Yes, ‘singer is a noun, but it is not a proper noun. It is a common noun.

  • proper noun for singer    
  • proper noun of singer 

Answer- The proper Noun for the ‘singer’ would be the name of the singer. For example, Arijit Singh is a renowned singer. 

  • proper Noun of place
  • proper Noun of city
  • proper Noun for city
  • proper Noun for city

Answer- The proper Noun for the ‘city’ would be the name of the city, that is, a particular place; so, for example, Mumbai is a beautiful city. 

  • Is scientist a proper noun?
  • is scientist a proper noun

Answer- No, the word ‘scientist, does not refer to a particular person, so scientist is not a proper noun.

  • Is we a proper noun
  • Is he a proper noun
  • Is she a proper noun
  • Is I a proper noun
  • is my a proper noun

Answer- No, I, we, you, he, she, my, and ‘they are not proper nouns.

  • Goa is common or proper Noun

It is a specific name of a place, so Goa is a proper noun.

  • is English a proper noun

Answer-  It is a specific name of a subject, so English is a proper noun.

  • mathematics proper noun
  • is mathematics a proper noun

Answer- It is a specific name of a subject, so Mathematics is a proper noun.

  • planet common noun or proper Noun
  • is planet a common noun
  • is planet a proper noun

Answer- No, the planet is not a proper noun. It does not specify any place.

  • is green a proper noun
  • is blue a proper noun
  • green is proper Noun

Answer- The names of colours are generally not proper nouns.

  •  is friends a proper noun
  • is friend a proper noun

Answer- No, the word ‘friend’ does not refer to a specific one, so ‘friend is not a proper noun.        

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