Exclamatory Sentence

What is an Exclamatory Sentence?

An exclamatory sentence is just like an assertive sentence but an exclamatory sentence shows strong emotion or excitement. It means an exclamatory sentence is a declarative sentence in which we emphasize a point. We use an exclamation mark at the end of an exclamatory sentence.

Mark that exclamation mark is also used in imperative sentences.

These sentences are frequently used in business correspondence. It means we don’t use these sentences to convey text messages or emails.

Uses of Exclamatory Sentences

Here are some uses of these sentences to express emotions. We shall see how to use these sentences for them.

We use exclamatory sentences to express–

  • happiness
  • anger
  • frustration
  • sorrow
  • expression
  • confusion
  • love 

We shall see the examples of exclamatory sentences that we use to express our emotions.

Examples of exclamatory sentence

Have a look-

Examples of exclamatory sentences that express happiness

  • India won the world cup!
  • My son scored 90% marks in the exam!
  • Our team has been chosen as a national team! (perfect present passive)
  • What a cool evening!

Examples of exclamatory sentences that express anger

  • No, you are not allowed to manage this event!
  • You have made me angry!
  • What a rude man you are!
  • You have become so naughty!
  • You don’t help me with cleaning the house!

Examples of exclamatory sentences that express frustration

  • He can’t do anything better!
  • Though you have all facilities, you don’t study hard!
  • No electricity yet!
  • How hot the day is!

Examples of exclamatory sentences that express sorrow

  • I feel alone without you!
  • My family is far from me!
  • He missed the chance of joining the party due to illness!
  • As I am going out I cannot enjoy these moments!

Examples of exclamatory sentences that express surprise

  • What a beautiful bird it is!
  • Wow, it’s a wonderful idea!
  • You have such a pretty farmhouse!
  • Awesome, I can do it!
  • Nice, you caught the ball!
  • How interesting the game I found!

Examples of exclamatory sentences that express confusion

  • I don’t know what will happen there!
  • She doesn’t know if she has enough money to buy that dress!

Examples of exclamatory sentences that express love

  • You have a very lovely smile!
  • I just adore you!
  • You are so beautiful!

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