Imperative Sentence

What is an imperative sentence?

An imperative sentence expresses command, order, suggestion, or request. This type of sentence is most common. We use this type of sentence in our daily life. In these sentences subject is always the second person that is you and thus you can easily identify an imperative sentence.

About Imperative sentences, we can say that-

  • These sentences are not used frequently but we can see them in magazines as well as newspapers.
  • Imperative sentences are used as a slogan to become a title catchy.
  • We can also see these sentences on the highway to guide the vehicle drivers.
  • Mostly these sentences are used in ads.
  • Writers use these sentences in literature.

Examples of an imperative sentence

When we write these sentences, we should keep in our mind that-

  • For polite command, we should end the sentence with a full stop. We can also use the word period for a full stop.
  • For forceful command, we should use an exclamation mark (!) at the end of the sentence.

We shall see with the help of examples.

Here are some examples.

Let’s have a look-

Sentences with a full stop

For polite command, we use a full stop.

  • Please wash these clothes.
  • Consider me as a candidate for the interview.
  • Go left and then turn right.
  • Please leave me alone.
  • Please give me that book.
  • Shut down the PC.
  • Smile, please.
  • Wake me up at ten o’clock.
  • Save them.
  • Come fast.
  • Please help me to clean this room.
  • Take them to the garden.
  • Give me a glass of water.
  • Do not kill.
  • Honour your parents.

Sentences with an exclamation mark

In these sentences, we used an exclamatory mark for forceful commands.

  • Get out!
  • Get down the window sill!
  • Meet me tomorrow!
  • Open the window!
  • Don’t be greedy!
  • Listen!
  • Don’t move!
  • Go ahead!
  • Don’t push it!
  • Be careful!
  • Don’t waste water!
  • Catch the ball!
  • Don’t be angry with him!
  • Clean the floor!
  • Don’t run!

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