Future Tense

Future Tense Tells the Future Action Time 

Future tense is a form of tense. We use Tense in Grammar to simplify the time of action at the time of speaking. When we speak or write, we use sentences and each sentence tells us about the action done in the particular time. This tense shows the action will happen in the future time. In sentence of future tense, we should use verb with auxiliaries.

Types of Future Tense

In Grammar, Future tense has four types-

In this tense, we should use the auxiliary verb will/ shall and main verb in present form.


› He will present.

› They will complete their work on time.

› Will you send an email to your boss?

This tense shows the incomplete action in future. That is, verb shows the continuous action in future.


› She will be laughing at him.

› They will playing kabaddi with very ease.

› Will he be doing his job carefully?

The verb in the sentence of future perfect tense shows the complete action in the future at the time of speaking.


› They will have watched the horror film in theatre.

› She will have done it very well.

Verb in the sentence of future perfect imperfect tense shows the completed action in future with continuation.

› It will have been raining since Monday.

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