Homes of Persons

Names for Homes of Persons

There are so many names for homes of persons. Here is a list for homes of nun, mentally ill person, soldiers, prisoners, farm labors, family, Eskimos, rich people, monks, orphans, kings, criminals and so on.

Here is a list.

          Have a look-

  • Abbey – Building in which nuns and monks live as a community under an abyss or


  • Adobe house – This is a house built by bricks which are made of clay and straw and    

          dried in the Sun.

  • Asylum– This is a place that is a hospital to take care of mentally ill people.
  • Barrack – This is a large building or group of buildings where soldiers live in.
  • Cell – This is a very small room for one or more prisoners in a prison or a monastery

           for a monk.

  • Cottage – This is a simple and small house built in countryside, mostly farm labors

           live in.

  • House – This is a place built usually to live a family.
  • Igloo– This is a temporary shelter built by Eskimos.

          It is a small dome shaped house.

           Blocks of hard snow are used to build this.

More Names for Homes of Persons

  • Mansion – This is a large house. Usually rich people live in.
  • Monastery – This is a building in which monks live as a community.
  • Nunnery –    This is a house where nuns live.
  • Orphanage – This is a house for children whose parents are dead.
  •  Palace–      This is a large house mostly of kings, official home of an archbishop,


  • Prison– This is a place where people are locked up who committed crimes as                



  • Tent – This is a temporary and portable shelter. It is made of canvas. It is attached to

pegs which are fixed into the ground, supported by ropes and poles.

  • Wigwam – This is a type of tent. It was used by North American Indians. It is having

framework of poles and animal skins or mats are fastened over the framework.

  • Vicarage– house of a vicar.

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