Homes of Persons

Homes of persons protect them from cold, heat, rain, and attack of enemies. The basic need for a person is shelter, and we name it home.

A person builds different types of homes. So, there are different names for the homes of persons.

In this part, we will see the names of the homes of persons.

Homes of Persons

Names for Homes of Persons

There are so many names for the homes of persons. Here is a list of homes of nuns, mentally ill people, soldiers, prisoners, farm labourers, families, Eskimos, rich people, monks, orphans, kings, criminals, and so on.

Here is a list of the homes of persons.

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  • Abbey – Abbey is a building in which nuns and monks live as a community under an abyss or abbot.
  • Adobe house – Adobe house is a house built of bricks that are made of clay and straw and dried in the Sun.
  • Asylum– Asylum is a place that is a hospital to take care of mentally ill people.
  • Barrack – Barrack is a large building or group of buildings where soldiers live in.
  • Boarding house– A boarding house is a house in which people pay to stay in for a short time.
  • Caravan- Caravan is a vehicle without an engine that can be pulled by a car or van. It contains beds and cooking equipment so that people can live.
  • Castle- Castle is a large, strong building built in the past by a ruler to protect the people inside from attack. It is a residence of a prince or noble.
  • Cell – A cell is a very small room for one or more prisoners in prison or a monastery for a monk.
  • Cottage – A cottage is a simple and small house built in the countryside mostly farm labourers live.
  • House – House is a place built usually to live a family.
  • Igloo– Igloo is a temporary shelter built by Eskimos. It is a small dome-shaped house. Blocks of hard snow are used to build this.

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More Names for Homes of Persons

  • Lodging house– A lodging house is a house in which people can rent rooms to live in or stay in.
  • Log cabin – Log cabin is a small house made of logs.
  • Mansion – Mansion is a large house. Usually, rich people live in.
  • Monastery – A monastery is a building in which monks live as a community.
  • Nunnery –  Nunnery is a house where nuns live.
  • Orphanage – An orphanage is a house for children whose parents are dead.
  • Palace– Palace is a large house mostly of kings- the official home of an archbishop or sovereign.
  • Parsonage -A parsonage is the residence of a parson. A parson is a priest in the Church of England with responsibility for a small local area. 
  • Prison– A prison is a place where people are locked up who committed crimes as punishment.
  • Tent – A tent is a temporary and portable shelter. It is made of canvas. It is attached to pegs which are fixed into the ground, supported by ropes and poles.
  • Wigwam – Wigwam is a type of tent with a domed or conical roof made of fastening bark, hides, animal skins, or mats over a framework of poles. This was used traditionally by North American Indians.
  • Vicarage– A vicarage is a house of a vicar. 

Rabbit, cat, lion, pig, and horse house 

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Now we shall see the living places of rabbit, cat, lion, pig, and horse.

  • Rabbit house- Burrow
  • Cat house- Cattery 
  • Lion House- Den
  • Pig house- Sty
  • Horse house- stable

There are more names for rabbit, cat, lion, pig, and horse house.

        Rabbit house 

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