Horse House: Rabbit, Cat, Lion, and Pig House

Horse House

Did you know that horses don’t have houses, but they can reside in any place? Those places are-

  1. Barn
  2. Pasture
  3. Box Stall
  4. Pipe Corral
  5. Paddock
  6. Wooden Corral
  7. Stable
  8. Tie Stall

The horse is domesticated. Many people refer to the area where a horse lives as a “stable”.

So, mostly we can say the horse house name is ‘stable.’

Rabbit House

Depending on the type of rabbit: Wild rabbits can be found in meadows, woods, forests, grasslands, deserts, tundra, and wetlands. Wild rabbits shelter in a variety of natural habitats; a pile of sticks or branches and overgrown vegetation are some favored hiding places. Some dig burrows. Wild rabbits create their own homes by tunneling into the ground.

Rabbits live in groups, and the best-known species, the European rabbit, lives in underground burrows or rabbit holes. They dig in the ground and make huge kinds of pipeline things, and that pipeline thing is a burrow. A group of burrows is called a warren. These include rooms for nesting and sleeping. They also have multiple entrances for a quick escape. Some warrens are large and complex, while others are just short tunnels ending in dug-out nests or burrows, where the rabbits all sleep together.

North American eastern cottontails like to live in moderately wooded areas and meadows with ample shelter. Some rabbits dig little burrows or indentations called nests in the ground to lay their young.

A natural rabbit’s house is called a “burrow.” Wild rabbits are said to live in “dens.” That depends on where they live.

For domestic rabbits, humans build or buy a place for their bunnies. Those homes can be hutches, expens (short form for exercise pens), or enclosures. If they live outside in a big covered box with a nesting area and a play area, that’s called a hutch. A fenced-off area of lawn for them to exercise in is called a run. If they live indoors in a large plastic tray with a wire top, that will usually be called a cage or a pen.

So, rabbit house names are-

  1. Burrow
  2. Warren
  3. Den
  4. Hole
  5. Nest
  6. Hutch
  7. Run
  8. Pen
  9. Cage

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Cat House

A cat house is a cattery, a place where cats are housed. Cat lovers call cathouse for a structure to house a cat. There are little houses made to shelter cats. You can call it a cat shelter.

Lion House

Lions don’t have a specific home. In Africa, most lions can be seen sitting under the shade of a tree. They chill out there most of the time under trees.

Most African lions live in the plains like the Serengeti which is a National Park in Tanzania. We can see some pride of lions that go about forests or just the outskirts. They live around places like the Serengeti. We can say the living places of lions are grasslands and forests.

It depends on where they are! In the wild, it is their habitat. In a zoo, it may be called a “cattery, a lion’s den, or a lion’s lair, ” but those last two terms may also be used for other animals. A lair is a place where a wild animal lives, usually a place that is underground or well hidden.

We can say it’s a den.

So, lion house names are-

  1. Den
  2. Lair
  3. Cattery

Pig House

There are various names for pig houses. Pigs live in a variety of places. Some pigs live in open field areas as well as woods. Some pigs are domesticated. They live on farms kept in enclosures like lots, sties. A sty is a small outdoor enclosure. Sometimes it is referred to as a pig parlor, hog parlor, pigpen, hog pen, or pig cote. A large enclosure for raising pigs is called a hog lot.

So, we can say the pig house names are-

  1. Sty
  2. Pig parlor
  3. Hog parlor
  4. Pigpen
  5. Hog pen
  6. Pig-cote
  7. Hog lot

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