Homes of Animals | 180 Animals and Their Homes

Homes of animals meet the need to protect them from cold, heat, rainand attacks of enemies. The basic need for living objects is shelter, and we name it home.

There are different names for the homes of various animals and birds. In this part, we will see the names of the homes of animals.

Names for Animals and their Homes

Here is a list of animals and their homes. That is the name of the animal shelter.

You will get the list of homes of birds as well as persons in the related topics. In this topic, we will see the names of animal shelters.

Do you know?

  1. The horse’s home name is ‘stable.’
  2. The rabbit’s home name is ‘burrow.’
  3. The sheep home name is ‘fold.’
  4. The lion’s home name is the ‘den.’
  5. The spider’s home name is ‘web.’
  6. The duck’s home name is ‘water.’
  7. The monkey’s home name is ‘tree.’

The home of the

  • pig is called a sty.
  • dog is called a kennel.
  • cat is called a cattery.

Homes of Animals/ Animals and their Homes

Where do animals live?

  • A cow lives in a shed. That is, a cow home is called a shed.
  • Cows and sheep live in pens. (Pen is the enclosed area surrounding a shed.)
  • The hen shelter’s name is coop. Chicken lives in the coop.

List of animals and their homes

Here is a list of animals and the names of places where they live.

Have a look-

Sr. Number Animal Home
1 Aardvark burrow, den
2 African Elephant open and wooded savannas, desert, forest
3 African Penguin rocky ocean islands in Africa
4 Alligator nest
5 American bison river valleys, prairies, and plains
6 Anaconda burrow swamps, marshes, and slow-moving streams
7 Angelfish  Slow-moving water
8 Ant anthill
9 Antelope forests, savannas, wetlands, and deserts of sub-Saharan Africa.
10 Ape logging, nest
11 Armadillo burrow
12 Badger hole, Sett
13 Bat roost, cave
14 Bear den, cave, large forest
15 Beaver lodge beavery, lodge, burrow
16 Beluga Whale Arctic Ocean
17 Bee hive, aviary
18 Beetle land (tunnel)
19 Bison national parks, state parks, and reserves
20 Black Bear den, crevice, underground burrows, tree roots, hollow trees, brush piles, or open-ground beds
21 Blue Whale ocean, polar waters
22 Brown Bear mountain woodlands, forest, ice fields
23 Buffalo barn, byre, pasture, stable
24 Bull cattle shed
25 Camel desert
26 Capybara densely forested areas near water bodies
27 Cat cattery, lair, den, cage
28 Cattle barn, byre, pasture, stable
29 Chameleon rain forests and deserts of Africa
30 Cheetah  safari, savanna
31 Chimpanzee  tree
32 Chicken coop
33 Cobra forests, bamboo thickets, mangrove swamps, high-altitude grasslands, and rivers
34 Cocker Spaniel kennel
35 Cockroach homes, sewers, privies
36 Coelacanth caves, crevices
37 Corgi home
38 Cow shed, pen
39 Coyote den, tree, stumps, old burrows
40 Crab burrow in the sand or mud
41 Crocodile nest
42 Dalmatian home
43 Deer  grasslands
44 Dhole underground den, old burrows
45 Dingo den, rabbit holes, caves, hollow logs
46 Doberman kennel
47 Dog kennel
48 Dolphin dolphinarium
49 Donkey stable, barn, shed
50 Dormouse nest, tree, rock, burrow, abandoned beehives
51 Dragonfly pond, streams, lakes, and wetlands.
52 Dugong sea
53 Echidna burrow
54 Elephant  jungle, dip-wad, nest
55 Elk forest, forest edges, mountainous regions
56 Ferret burrow, cage
57 Fish water aquarium, vivary, pond
58 Fly loft cracks, crevasse
59 Fox den, burrow, hole, lair
60 Frog pond, froggery, ranarium
61 Gazelle arid regions, or areas with low rainfall
62 Gecko houses, trees, deserts, mountains
63 Gerbil burrow, tunnel, gerbilarium
64 Giraffe safari, savanna, grasslands, open woodlands
65 Goat pen, locker
66 Goldfish Aquarium, slow-moving waters, areas with low oxygen and muddy water, pond
67 Gorilla nest, jungles of Africa, dense forests, swamps, mountainous regions
68 Grasshopper field, grassland
69 Greyhound kennel
70 Grouse  nest
71 Guinea Pig hutch, cage
72 Guppy Aquarium, streams, ponds, small pools of water
73 Hamster cage
74 Hare farm
75 Hedgehog nest, shallow burrow
76 Hermit Crab shell
77 Hippopotamus riverbanks
78 Honeybee hive
79 Hornet hive
80 Horse stable, mew, stall
81 Hyena den
82 Iguana trees, canopy
83 Impala grassland and woodland edges
84 Jackal  savannas, grasslands, forests, woodlands, deserts, wetlands
85 Jaguar den
86 Jellyfish ocean, warm water, cold water
87 Kangaroo  hollow tree
88 Koala eucalyptus tree
89 Komodo Dragon lair, Indonesian islands of Komodo
90 Ladybug tree trunks and under large rocks, cracks, crevices, tree bark
91 Lemming holes in the ground, burrow which is tunnelled into snow
92 Lemur tree
93 Leopard Lair, safari, savanna
94 Lion den
95 Lizard house
96 Llama hut
97 Lobster bottom of the ocean, caves, and crevices of rocky reefs
98 Lynx dense woodland, rock crevices, caves, or thick tangles of fallen trees and brush
99 Man house
100 Mantis nest
101 Meerkat burrow
102 Millipede soil with decaying litter
103 Mole burrow, fortress, tunnel
104 Moose moosey land
105 Mongoose den
106 Monkey tree
107 Mosquito nest
108 Mouse nest, hole
109 Mule barn
110 Octopus den
111 Opossum den
112 Orangutan tree
113 Otter holt, hole, couch, lodge
114 Oyster rock, piers, older shells in salty coastal water
115 Panda den, bamboo tree
116 Pangolin Burrow, hollow tree
117 Panther lair
118 Parrot fish sea
119 Patas monkey savanna
120 Penguin rookery, penguinery
121 Pig cote, pen, sty
122 Pika burrow, crevice
123 Platypus burrow
124 Polar Bear den, hole, burrow
125 Porcupine burrow, hollow trunk
126 Porpoise sea, aquarium
127 Possum tree, forest
128 Potto Dense tropical rain forest
129 Prairie Dog complex burrow below ground
130 Quail covey
131 Rabbit burrow, hutch, hole
132 Raccoon tree, hollow den, burrow
133 Rat nest, hole
134 Rattlesnake den
135 Red Fox den
136 Reindeer forest
137 Rhinoceros savannah, mud wallow, rain forest, shade tree, grassland
138 Rook rookery, nest
139 Salmon river, ocean
140 Scorpion burrow
141 Seahorse coral reefs, mangroves, sea grass beds, and estuaries
142 Seal rookery
143 Sealion nest, rookery
144 Serval African savannas
145 Sheep fold, pen cote
146 Shark sea
147 Shrimp ocean, lakes, streams
148 Skunk den
149 Sloth canopy
150 Snail shell, snailery
151 Snake den, burrow, ophidarium, snakery
152 Spadefoot toad Sandy region, burrow
153 Spider web
154 Squirrel drey or dray
155 Starfish sea grass, tidal pools, kelp beds, rocky shores, and coral reefs
156 Stingray shallow coastal waters of temperate seas
157 Swallow nest
158 Takin Asian mountain, bamboo thicket
159 Tapir lair
160 Termite mound, termitarium
161 Tiger den, lair
162 Toad burrow
163 Tortoise burrow
164 Toucan nest
165 Trout run
166 Turkey roost
167 Turtle nest, sea
168 Viper hole, burrow
169 Wallaby hollow tree
170 Walrus ice-covered northern waters of Canada, Greenland, Norway, and Russia
171 Wasp nest
172 Whale ocean
173 Wildebeest  woodlands and grassy plains
174 Wolf den, lair
175 Wombat burrow
176 Woodchuck burrow
177 Woodlouse under rocks and stone, in the cold, dark soil
178 Wren nest
179 Yak hill, mountain, barn
180 Zebra jungle, safari, veldts

Houses of animals / Animal house names

See the animal house names here-

  1. Aardvark house name is burrow, den.
  2. African Elephant house name is open and wooded savanna, desert, forest.
  3. African Penguin house name is rocky ocean island in Africa.
  4. Alligator house name is nest.
  5. American bison house name is river valley, prairie, and plain.
  6. Anaconda house name is burrow swamp, marsh, and slow-moving stream.
  7. Angelfish house name is slow-moving water.
  8. Ant house name is anthill.
  9. Antelope house name is forest, savanna, wetland, and desert of sub-Saharan Africa.
  10. Ape house name is logging, nest.
  11. Armadillo house name is burrow.
  12. Badger house name is hole, Sett.
  13. Bat house name is roost, cave.
  14. Bear house name is den, cave, large forest.
  15. Beaver house name is lodge beavery, burrow.
  16. Beluga Whale house name is Arctic Ocean.
  17. Bee house name is hive, aviary.
  18. Beetle house name is land (tunnel).
  19. Bison house name is national park, state park, and reserve.
  20. Black Bear house name is den, crevice, underground burrow, tree roots, hollow tree, brush pile, or open-ground bed.
  21. Blue Whale house name is ocean, polar waters.
  22. Brown Bear house name is mountain woodland, forest, ice field.
  23. Buffalo house name is barn, byre, pasture, stable.
  24. Bull house name is cattle-shed.
  25. Camel house name is desert.
  26. Capybara house name is densely forested area near water body.
  27. Cat house name is cattery, lair, den, cage.
  28. Cattle house name is barn, byre, pasture, stable.
  29. Chameleon house name is rain forest and desert of Africa.
  30. Cheetah house name is safari, savanna.
  31. Chimpanzee house name is tree.
  32. Chicken house name is coop.
  33. Cobra house name is forest, bamboo thicket, mangrove swamp, high-altitude grassland, and river.
  34. Cocker Spaniel house name is kennel.
  35. Cockroach house name is home, sewer, privy.
  36. Coelacanth house name is cave, crevice.
  37. Corgi house name is home.
  38. Cow house name is shed, pen.
  39. Coyote house name is den, tree, stump, old burrow.
  40. Crab house name is burrow in the sand or mud.
  41. Crocodile house name is nest.
  42. Dalmatian house name is home.
  43. Deer house name is grassland.
  44. Dhole house name is underground den, old burrow.
  45. Dingo house name is den, rabbit hole, cave, hollow log.
  46. Doberman house name is kennel.
  47. Doghouse name is kennel.
  48. Dolphin house name is dolphinarium.
  49. Donkey house name is stable, barn, shed.
  50. Dormouse house name is nest, tree, rock, burrow, abandoned beehive.
  51. Dragonfly house name is pond, stream, lake, and wetland.
  52. Dugong house name is sea.
  53. Echidna house name is burrow.
  54. Elephant house name is jungle, dip-wad, nest.
  55. Elk house name is forest, forest edge, mountainous region.
  56. Ferret house name is burrow, cage.
  57. Fish house name is water aquarium, vivary, pond.
  58. Fly house name is loft crack, crevass.
  59. Fox house name is den, burrow, hole, lair.
  60. Frog house name is pond, froggery, ranarium.
  61. Gazelle house name is arid region, or areas with low rainfall.
  62. Gecko house name is house, tree, desert, mountain.
  63. Gerbil house name is burrow, tunnel, gerbilarium.
  64. Giraffe house name is safari, savanna, grassland, open woodland.
  65. Goat house name is pen, locker.
  66. Goldfish house name is aquarium slow-moving water, areas with low oxygen and muddy water, pond.
  67. Gorilla house name is nest, jungle of Africa, dense forest, swamp, mountainous region.
  68. Grasshopper house name is field, grassland.
  69. Greyhound house name is kennel.
  70. Grouse house name is nest.
  71. Guinea Pig house name is hutch, cage.
  72. Guppy house name is aquarium stream, pond, small pool of water.
  73. Hamster house name is cage.
  74. Hare house name is farm.
  75. Hedgehog house name is nest, shallow burrow.
  76. Hermit Crab house name is shell.
  77. Hippopotamus house name is riverbank.
  78. Honeybee house name is hive.
  79. Hornet house name is hive.
  80. Horse house name is stable, mew, stall.
  81. Hyena house name is den.
  82. Iguana house name is tree, canopy.
  83. Impala house name is grassland and woodland edge.
  84. Jackal house name is savanna, grassland, forest, woodland, desert, wetland.
  85. Jaguar house name is den.
  86. Jellyfish house name is ocean, warm water, cold water.
  87. Kangaroo house name is hollow tree.
  88. Koala house name is eucalyptus tree.
  89. Komodo Dragon house name is lair, Indonesian island of Komodo.
  90. Ladybug house name is tree trunk, large rock, crack, crevice, tree bark.
  91. Lemming house name is hole in the ground, burrow which is tunnelled into snow.
  92. Lemur house name is tree.
  93. Leopard house name is lair, safari, savanna.
  94. Lion house name is den.
  95. Lizard house name is house.
  96. Llama house name is hut.
  97. Lobster house name is bottom of the ocean, cave, and crevice of rocky reef.
  98. Lynx house name is dense woodland, rock crevice, cave, or thick tangle of fallen tree and brush.
  99. Man house name is house.
  100. Mantis house name is nest.
  101. Meerkat house name is burrow.
  102. Millipede house name is soil with decaying litter.
  103. Mole house name is burrow, fortress, tunnel.
  104. Moose house name is moosey-land.
  105. Mongoose house name is den.
  106. Monkey house name is tree.
  107. Mosquito house name is nest.
  108. Mouse house name is nest, hole.
  109. Mule house name is barn.
  110. Octopus house name is den.
  111. Opossum house name is den.
  112. Orangutan house name is tree.
  113. Otter house name is holt, hole, couch, lodge.
  114. Oyster house name is rock, pier, older shell in salty coastal water.
  115. Panda house name is den, bamboo tree.
  116. Pangolin house name is burrow, hollow tree
  117. Panther house name is lair.
  118. Parrot fish house name is sea.
  119. Patas monkey house name is savanna.
  120. Penguin house name is rookery, penguinery.
  121. Pig house name is cote, pen, sty.
  122. Pika house name is burrow, crevice.
  123. Platypus house name is burrow.
  124. Polar Bear house name is den, hole, burrow.
  125. Porcupine house name is burrow, hollow trunk.
  126. Porpoise house name is sea, aquarium.
  127. Possum house name is tree, forest.
  128. Potto house name is dense tropical rainforest.
  129. Prairie doghouse name is complex burrow below ground.
  130. Quail house name is covey.
  131. Rabbit house name is burrow, hutch, hole.
  132. Raccoon house name is tree, hollow den, burrow.
  133. Rat house name is nest, hole.
  134. Rattlesnake house name is den.
  135. Red Fox house name is den.
  136. Reindeer house name is forest.
  137. Rhinoceros house name is savannah, mud wallow, rain forest, shade tree, grassland.
  138. Rook house name is rookery, nest.
  139. Salmon house name is river, ocean.
  140. Scorpion house name is burrow.
  141. Seahorse house name is coral reef, mangrove, sea grass bed, and estuary.
  142. Seal house name is rookery.
  143. Sealion house name is nest, rookery.
  144. Serval house name is African savanna.
  145. Sheep house name is fold, pen, cote.
  146. Shark house name is sea.
  147. Shrimp house name is ocean, lake, stream.
  148. Skunk house name is den.
  149. Sloth house name is canopy.
  150. Snail house name is shell, snailery.
  151. Snake house name is den, burrow, ophidarium, snakery.
  152. Spadefoot toad house name is sandy region, burrow.
  153. Spider house name is web.
  154. Squirrel house name is drey or dray.
  155. Starfish house name is sea grass, tidal pool, kelp bed, rocky shore, and coral reef.
  156. Stingray house name is shallow coastal water of temperate sea.
  157. Swallow house name is nest.
  158. Takin house name is Asian mountain, bamboo thicket.
  159. Tapir house name is lair.
  160. Termite house name is mound, termitarium.
  161. Tiger house name is den, lair.
  162. Toad house name is burrow.
  163. Tortoise house name is burrow.
  164. Toucan house name is nest.
  165. Trout house name is run.
  166. Turkey house name is roost.
  167. Turtle house name is nest, sea.
  168. Viper house name is hole, burrow.
  169. Wallaby house name is hollow tree.
  170. Walrus house name is ice-covered northern water of Canada, Greenland, Norway, and Russia.
  171. Wasp house name is nest.
  172. Whale house name is ocean.
  173. Wildebeest house name is woodlands and grassy plains.
  174. Wolf house name is den, lair.
  175. Wombat house name is burrow.
  176. Woodchuck house name is burrow.
  177. Woodlouse house name is under rock and stone, in the cold, dark soil.
  178. Wren house name is nest.
  179. Yak house name is hill, mountain, barn.
  180. Zebra house name is jungle, safari, veldt.

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