Phobia of Politicians, Progress, Puppets and More

Phobia List Starting From P

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  • Pocrescophobia– excessive fear of gaining weight. (Obesophobia)

          Pocrescophobic– person suffering from Pocrescophobia

  • Podophobia– excessive fear of feet

        Podophobic– person suffering from Podophobia

  • Pogonophobia– excessive fear of beards.

          Pogonophobic– person suffering from Pogonophobia

  • Poliosophobia– excessive fear of contracting poliomyelitis.

          Poliosophobic– person suffering from Poliosophobia

  • Politicophobia– excessive fear or abnormal dislike of politicians.

          Politicophobic– person suffering from Politicophobia

  • Polyphobia– excessive fear of many things.

          Polyphobic– person suffering from Polyphobia

  • Poinephobia– excessive fear of punishment.

          Poinephobic– person suffering from Poinephobia

  • Ponophobia– excessive fear of overworking or of pain.

          Ponophobic– person suffering from Ponophobia

  • Porphyrophobia– excessive fear of the purple colour.

          Porphyrophobic– person suffering from Porphyrophobia

More Words for Phobia

  • Potamophobia– excessive fear of rivers or running water.

          Potamophobic– person suffering from Potamophobia         

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  • Potophobia– excessive fear of alcohol.

          Potophobic– person suffering from Potophobia


  • Pharmacophobia– excessive fear of drugs.

          Pharmacophobic– person suffering from Pharmacophobia

  • Proctophobia– excessive fear of rectums.

          Proctophobic– person suffering from Proctophobia

  • Prosophobia– excessive fear of progress.

          Prosophobic– person suffering from Prosophobia

  • Psellismophobia– excessive fear of stuttering.

          Psellismophobic– person suffering from Psellismophobia

  • Psychophobia– excessive fear of mind.

          Psychophobic– person suffering from Psychophobia

  • Psychrophobia– excessive fear of cold.

          Psychrophobic– person suffering from Psychrophobia

  • Pteromerhanophobia– excessive fear of flying.

          Pteromerhanophobic– person suffering from Pteromerhanophobia

  • Pteronophobia– excessive fear of being tickled by feathers.

          Pteronophobic– person suffering from Pteronophobia

  • Pupaphobia– excessive fear of puppets.

          Pupaphobic– person suffering from Pupaphobia

  • Pyrexiophobia– excessive fear of fever.

          Pyrexiophobic– person suffering from Pyrexiophobia

  • Pyrophobia– excessive fear of fire.

          Pyrophobic– person suffering from Pyrophobia

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