What is the Home of Animals Called? | Home Names

People frequently ask about the homes of animals. There are some questions we discussed on this topic.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Coop is the home of which animal?

A coop is an enclosed, small area. Generally, poultry animals are kept in the coop.

It is a shelter for various types of poultry animals. It protects the animals from predators that can attack and extreme weather conditions.

We can say:

  • A coop is a small house for poultry animals.
  • Coops are in gardens, fields, and homes.
  • Generally, hens, chickens, and cocks are poultry animals.
  • The hen is the animal that lives in a coop to lay eggs and eat.

So, a coop is the home of hens, chickens, and cocks.

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Pen is the home of which animal?

A pen is an outdoor, small, enclosed structure to keep animals. The pen is for those animals or cattle we cannot keep indoors. Pen is a shelter for animals. It protects animals from harsh weather, such as hot weather, rain, and cold. In this structure, animals are kept so they can’t go away or get lost.

  • Pen holds a large number of cattle.
  • Sheep, cows, and cattle live in pens.

So, the pen is the home of sheep, cows, and cattle that a farmer keeps.

Kennel is the home of which animal?

A kennel is a small house made for dogs. This house is a hut-like shelter. It protects dogs from harsh weather like rain and hot or cold conditions. Dogs sleep in kennels.

A kennel is a place used to train or breed. Kennels are places where dogs are looked after when their owners are away from home. A kennel is also called a doghouse.

A kennel is a structure made of any material. The most popular materials to make kennels are canvas and wood.

So, a kennel is the home of a dog.

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Sty is the home of which animal?

Shelter is a basic need for any animal. Home is the shelter for animals. The sty is also a home. Pigs are kept in a sty.

Sty is an outdoor home to keep pigs. Pigs are raised in a sty on farms.

Pigs need water or mud to keep themselves cool. Sty is a fenced, muddy place.

So, Sty is the home of pigs.

The web is the home of which animal?

The web is a type of shelter. Shelter is an essential requirement for animals. Each animal finds its shelter in a particular place. Some homes for animals are easy to make, but some are complex. The structure of animal homes is of various types. It depends on the animal, its survival needs, and its environment.

Animals’ homes protect them from predators, but some animals are predators.

We see webs in our homes, and this is because a spider spins a network to live. All spiders are predators, so one more reason to spin a web to catch insects. It becomes a trap for the insects.

The spider web acts as a shelter for spiders and fulfils their food requirements.

So, the web is the home of a spider.

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Hive is the home of which animal?

Each animal feels safe and comfortable living in their space. They rest in their homes. Animals make their homes. Some are simple, and some are complex in structure.

The hive is the complex structure of a home.

Bees, wasps, and yellow jackets make the hive a good place to live. The wax is made inside the bodies of these insects. These insects use this wax to build their shelter, which is named a hive.

A large number of wasps, bees, and yellow jackets live together in these hives.

So, a hive is the home of bees, wasps, and yellow jackets.

Burrow is the home of which animal?

A burrow is the underground home of animals. Some animals, which prefer to live underground, take shelter in burrows.

They dig into the ground to create space and make it their home.

Some burrow structures are simple, with just one underground hole for entry and exit.

But some burrow structures are complex. It has multiple rooms, exits, and entrances. It may be hundreds or thousands of meters in length.

They use it to protect themselves against predators, store food, keep warm, nest, and hibernate.

  • Rodents such as rats, rabbits, mice, moles, and bilby are well known to burrow underground.
  • Insects such as termites, cicadas, and mouse spiders also make burrows.
  • Wild rabbits live in areas where they can dig holes.
  • Rats create burrows and live inside them.

Different classes of animals, including amphibians, mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, and rodents, live in a burrow.

So, the burrow is the home of aardvarks, burrowing owls, red foxes, badgers, mongoose, shrews, ants, chipmunks, cicadas, gerbils, Jerboas, tarantulas, ferrets, slow worms, earthworms, rats, rabbits, mice, moles, bilby, and wild rabbits.

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