What is the Difference between Place Value and Face Value?

Place, place Value and Face value

Difference between place value and face value of a digit is very easy to understand. Face value of a digit in a number is the digit itself. There are so many numbers we use in our daily life. Some are having single digit, some are having more than one digit. They may have ten or more than ten digits but we use numerals only 0 to 9.  Each numeral we use has face value, place and place value.

Using these ten base numerals we can show the numbers what we want to.

In a number 325,

2 is at-

  • place ten
  • face value 2
  • place value 20

Now we shall clear the terms.

  • Face value is the digit itself.
  • Place of a digit in number is decided by its position.
  • Place value is a product of the face value and the place of a digit.

Difference Between Place Value and Face Value

Here is a difference between place value and face value with example.

  • Face value of digit is that digit itself though it may be at any place.

Each digit has a place value ten times of that immediately to its right.

Example- in number 235 face value of 3 is 3 and as 3 is at ten’s place value is 3 x 10 = 30

  • Face value remains the same though it is used at the different places but place value changes according the place of the digit.


  • in number 22434 face value of all 4 are the same that is 4 but place value of 4 at unit’s place is 4, hundred’s place is 400.
  • Now we shall see what the place value of 9 is in the number 49378.

Face value of 9 is 9.

In this number, 9 is at the place thousand.

We get the place value by multiplying face value and place of a digit.

So the multiplication of face value of 9 and as 9 is at thousand’s place, it will be 1000 so we get 9 x 1000 = 9000

We get the place value of 9 = 9000

How to Find Place Value Easily

Now we shall take an example to find out the place value of a digit in that number.

We have the number- 34369782 and we have to find the place value of 6

  • As we count a place from right to left it is not necessary to count after 6 so ignore all the digits to the left of 6 and we get 69782
  • Now count all the digits after 6. There are four digits. Now put down 6 and remove all four digits by 0 and we get 60000
  • So the place value of 6 is 60000

Now I think you got what the difference between place value and face value is.