Personal Pronoun

What are Personal Pronouns?

Personal Pronoun is the pronoun which is used to denote the person in singular or plural form and we use this pronoun in place of name of the person . Personal Pronoun gives us the information about-

  • Speaker that is the ‘person’
  • Pronoun whether it is masculine, feminine or neuter that is the ‘gender’ and
  • Pronoun whether it is singular or plural that is the ‘number’.
  • Pronoun whether it is subject or object that is the ‘case’. 

 Go through tabular form of these pronouns so that you will better understand it.


 Subject Singular Subject PluralObject Singular Object Plural
First PersonIWeMeUs
Second PersonYouYouYouYou
Third PersonShe/he/ItTheyHer/him/ItThem

Pronoun ‘he’ is used for masculine gender, ‘she’ is used for feminine gender and ‘it‘is used for neuter gender as well as non-living things.


Examples of personal pronoun-


  • They have a good teacher. She asked them to work smarter.
  • The mother said,” Sam, you are very naughty and you don’t follow me.”
  •  The teacher scolded her because she was late
  • This diary has nice pages and information so I like it very much.
  • I shall tell you about the job.


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