50 Profession Names You Should Know

The profession is an occupation that needs particular skills or educational training.

Meaning of profession

We can say that profession means any work to earn money. Any work requires skill. Some professions require educational training. There are so many professions from that we can make money. And all professions have names.

Names of Profession

Here is a list of 50 names of professions and the meanings of those names.

Profession Names List

Have a look-

  1. Admiral—The commander of a fleet
  2. Archaeologist— who study the past through the objects left behind
  3. Architect— who draws and plans the design of the building
  4. Astronomer— who studies the stars
  5. Aviator— who flies an airplane
  6. Brazier— who works in brass
  7. Captain–The person in charge of a ship
  8. Chauffeur– who drives a motor-car
  9. Chiropodist– skilled in the care of hands and feet
  10. Collier– who works in a coal-mine
  11. Compositor– who sets type for books
  12. Cooper– who makes barrels
  13. Correspondent– who writes for the newspaper
  14. Costermonger– who sells fruits or vegetables
  15. Dentist– who attends to the teeth
  16. Draper– who deals in clothes and other fabrics
  17. Draughtsman– who draws plans
  18. Druggist– who compounds and sells drugs
  19. Drover– who deals in cattle
  20. Engineer– who attends to an engine
  21. Farrier– who shoes horses
  22. Fishmonger– who deals in fish
  23. Florist– who deals in flowers
  24. Furrier– who deals in furs
  25. Geologist– who studies rocks and soils
  26. Glazier– who works in glass
  27. Haberdasher– who sells small articles such as ribbons or thread or laces
  28. Herbalist– who deals in medicinal herbs
  29. Hostler– who looks after a horse in an inn
  30. Ironmonger– who sells iron and hardware
  31. Jockey–A professional rider in horse races
  32. Journalist– who writes for the newspaper
  33. Lapidist– who cuts precious stones
  34. Masseur– who treats diseases by rubbing the muscles
  35. Mercer– who deals in silk
  36. Milliner– who makes and sells ladies’ hats
  37. Navvy– employed to do excavating works
  38. Obstetrician–A physician who assists women in childbirth
  39. Oculist– who attends to the diseases of the eye
  40. Optician– who tests eyesight and sells spectacles
  41. Ostler– who looks after a horse in an inn
  42. Pharmacist– who compounds and sells drugs
  43. Physician– who attends to sick people and prescribes medicines
  44. Pilot– who flies an airplane
  45. Plumber– who works mending water pipes
  46. Reporter– who writes for the newspaper
  47. Sculptor– who carves in stone
  48. Stoker– who attends to the fire of the steam engine
  49. Surgeon– who treats disease by performing operations
  50. Vintner– who deals in wines

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