Simple Past Tense

The Verb in Past Tense 

 In a simple past tense sentence, the verb shows past time. It tells the completion of an action in the past. Therefore, in this tense, we should use verbs in the past tense.

For that, you should know the forms of verbs given in the lesson forms of the verb.


  • She was present
  • He came on time.
  • They played football.

As in Simple Present Tense, we shall take one example with three persons of singular and a plural number in Past Simple Tense. In this tense, a verb is used in past form simply for any person.

Let’s have a look-     

PersonSingular NumberPlural Number
1stI ate an apple.We ate an apple.
2ndYou ate an apple.You ate an apple.
3rdHe ate an apple.They ate an apple.

Formation of Simple Past Tense

As the simple present tense formation, we shall see the formation of sentences in the simple past tense. Somewhere we use only the form of to be and somewhere, the main verb in the past form. Let’s see how to form the sentences.

Form of ‘to be’

Now we have the formation using the form of ‘to be’ as;

Subject + form of ‘to be in the past + remaining words


Let’s have some examples-

  • I was there.
  • You were so happy then.
  • They were very naughty.
  • He was present for the lecture.
  • She was sad due to failure in a competitive exam.

The past form of the main verb 

Formation using the past form of the main verb as;

Subject + past form of main verb + remaining words


Here are some examples-

  • She stayed (past form of stay) with us for two weeks.
  • They enjoyed (past form of enjoy) the party at Juhu beach.
  • He did (past form of do) his work very well.
  • You did (past form of do) better that you left(past form of leave) that job. 

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