Phobia of Ugliness, Beauty, Cancer & More

 Phobia- Words for Excessive Fear

This Phobia list contains words for phobia starting from C. In the lists of phobia you will get the words for fear starting from- ABCDE , F , GH , IJKL , MNO , P , STV

Phobia and phobic persons who are suffering from fear of ugliness, beauty, cancer, sitting, empty spaces, cold, snow, hands, money and colours are-

  • Cacophobia – excessive fear of ugliness

                Cacophobic– person suffering from Cacophobia

  • Calophobia – excessive fear of beauty

               Calophobic– person suffering from calophobia

  • Cancerophobia   – excessive fear of cancer

                 Cancerophobic– person suffering from Cancerophobia

  • Cathissophobia  – excessive fear of  sitting

              Cathissophobic– person suffering from Cathissophobia

            You may also like to know the words for fear starting from- 

                                   ABCDE , F , GH , IJKL , MNO , P , ST

  • Cenophobia    – excessive fear of empty spaces

               Cenophobic- person suffering from Cenophobia   


  • Cheimophobia  – excessive fear of  cold

                Cheimophobic– person suffering from Cheimophobia

  • Chionophobia – excessive fear of snow

               Chionophobic– person suffering from Chionophobia

  • Chirophobia – excessive fear of hands

               Chirophobic– person suffering from Chirophobia

  • Chrematophobia   – excessive fear of  money

                  Chrematophobic– person suffering from Chrematophobia

  • Chromophobia – excessive fear of  colours

                  Chromophobic -person suffering from Chromophobia

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