Phobia List- G

Phobia- List of Words Starting From- G

There are so many phobias. Every person has some fear but we know that abnormal fear is a phobia. There is particular word for a particular fear. There is a list of different fears in the glossary section. In this list, you will get alphabetical arrangement of the words for phobia.

Get the list of words for phobia starting from-  ABCDE , F , GH , IJKL , MNO , P , STV .

In this list, you will get the words for fear starting from g and words for persons suffering from the fear.

Phobia list starting from G

Let’s see the words starting from g.

  •  Galeophobia – excessive fear of sharks

               Galeophobic– person suffering from Galeophobia

  • Gallophobia    – excessive fear of  France or French

                Gallophobic -person suffering from Gallophobia

  • Gamophobia – excessive fear of marriage

              Gamophobic– person suffering from Gamophobia

  • Gatophobia– excessive fear of cats

                 Gatophobic -person suffering from Gatophobia

  • Geliophobia– excessive fear of laughter

          Geliophobic– person suffering from Geliophobia

  • Gelotophobia– excessive fear of being laughed at

         Gelotophobic– person suffering from Gelotophobic

  • Geniophobia– excessive fear of chins

                Geniophobic – person suffering from Geniophobia

  • Genuphobia– excessive fear of knees

             Genuphobic– person suffering from Genuphobia

  • Gephyrophobia – excessive fear of bridges

                 Gephyrophobic– person suffering from Gephyrophobia

  • Geraphobia –  excessive fear of old age.

                 Geraphobic -person suffering from Geraphobia

  • Gerascophobia – excessive fear of  growing old

                Gerascophobic -person suffering from Gerascophobia

  • Germanophobia– excessive fear of Germany or German culture

                 Germanophobic– person suffering from Germanophobia

  • Gerontophobia – excessive fear of old men

                 Gerontophobic -person suffering from Gerontophobia

  • Geumophobia – excessive fear of taste

                  Geumophobic– person suffering from Geumophobia

  • Glassophobia –  excessive fear of public speaking.

                 Glassophobic -person suffering from Glassophobia

  • Gnosiophobia – excessive fear of knowledge

                 Gnosiophobic– person suffering from Gnosiophobia

  • Graphophobia – excessive fear of writing

                  Graphophobic– person suffering from Graphophobia

  • Gymnophobia – excessive fear of nakedness

                 Gymnophobic– person suffering from Gymnophobia

  • Gynaephobia – excessive fear of women or girls.

                 Gynaephobic -person suffering from Gynaephobia

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